How is massage good for you

woman having massageMy initial understanding of massage was a treatment for pulled muscles like in sports, or an ache in your shoulders or neck due to overworking that part of your body. I have read many books over the years and watched DVDs and began to realise not just your body, but also your mind and your whole well-being can benefit from a good regular massage.

The origins of massage go back thousands of years with many diagrams, papers and books showing chakras, meridianblack background with alot of words about chakras points and other various pressure points around the body. I have had massages from people that just wave their hands over the body to some deep tissue pressure point massages, particularly around my neck and shoulders primarily because I drive alot.

Here I just want to give you an overview of how massage is good for you, keeping it simple yet informative. Firstly massage should never be performed on a person with bone fractures, with unhealed cuts or grazes or sore skin conditions as with massage you are making contact with the skin and moving the skin around to treat the muscles and ligaments just under the skin. If you are being treated for any condition by a doctor it may be best to talk with them first to check that a massage would benefit you rather than make your problem worse. By now, you maybe thinking what are the benefits of massage for me? Well read on and see what massage can do for your body.


What are the benefits of massage for mewoman tapping rubber treepeople planting rice in field

My wife and I regularly massage each other. After a long day at work or if feeling a bit under the weather there is nothing better than a massage to make you feel relaxed and then energized. In Thailand, where my wife was born, it is not uncommon to see family members massaging each other, particularly in the farming areas where after a long day working the rice fields, or tapping the rubber trees the muscles ache and the bones are creaking. They sit together and chat and the children walk on the adults backs as they lay face down on the bamboo mats. The adults use their feet to massage as well but stand at the side of the person and apply pressure with just one foot at a time. It has been this way for as long as my wife and even her mother can remember.person being massaged by standing on them

I remember on one of my earlier visits to Thailand, to spend some time with my wife, we were walking around a night market not far from our apartment. Earlier in the evening I had eaten some fried chicken from a street stall, you find them everywhere in the towns and cities. I started to feel sick but I thought it would clear so I carried on strolling past clothes and lots of food stalls where the smells are delicious, but to a person feeling sick, not so good!. Once outside the market I grabbed an empty carrier bag my wife holding and was sick. We walked back to the apartment and while my wife went out to the local, ‘ 7/11’ store to get something to settle my stomach, I was laid on the bed and my mother-in-law was massaging my feet. Now I didn’t speak much Thai and my she didn’t speak much English, but she was showing me which areas of the feet correspond to which areas of the body as she was massaging them. I drifted off to sleep in no time and the next day felt great. This was one time I learned about the benefits of massage to a foot massage

What is a good oil for massage.

shelves of oil in supermarket

Massaging the body can encourage the body to heal itself. Moving the skin around helps encourage blood flow and pressure over and around muscles helps to clear toxins that can get trapped and cause discomfort. I know from experience that skin to skin contact can cause friction which can lead to the skin becoming sore. A good way to prevent this is to use an oil. There are many oils on the market that vary in consistency from the very thick sticky ones to the thin runny ones and also to how they smell.

In this environmentally conscious world we now live in it is becoming fashionable to use organic natural oils. In my opinion, nothing is better than using an organic natural oil while having a totally organic natural form of healing for my body. The most organic and natural oil that is also safe in all areas of the body is coconut oil, that is organic virgin coconut oil. I have tried many oils on my body over time, but nothing feels and smells as good as coconut oil. It is like bathing in a hot spring coming from natural mother earth, the smells and feel are createdperson bathing in a hot natural spring with mountains in the distance naturally not man made.

How can I give myself a massage

For some people, the idea of someone touching them can be off-putting when thinking about massage. This can be for a variety of reasons, but all is not lost because you can massage yourself. There are many benefits to this because it doesn’t involve anybody else, so you don’t have to book an appointment, it doesn’t cost much, just the oil. You don’t have the embarrassment of removing too many clothes or trying to keep your towel covering the bits you don’t want to expose. The most important part is you know where to massage and how much pressure feels right for you.

shelves full of books

There are many books, DVD, YouTube videos and also oral websites that can describe to you how to best massage different areas of your body.

A self massage can take as little as 10 minutes to … long as you like, just remember to use some coconut oil, too much friction can leave you feeling sore.

Starting at your scalp with your hands cupped over your head and using your fingers, thumbs near your ears apply pressure and move your scalp around a little. Feels good doesn’t it, I hope you are doing this with me?. Like I said it can take as little as 10 minutes and the benefits far out way the effort.

Move your fingers down over your forehead and massage there too. Great for helping relieve afour people showing different ways to massage your face headache. Gently massage around your eyes, over your cheeks, not forgetting to move to the centre and massage around the nose bone. Now with your fore finger and thumb placed on either cheek gently squeeze towards the centre of your top lip and pull gently forwards scrunching your top lip just below your nose. Using the same fore finger and thumb start at the centre of your chin and push out into each cheek. With both hands now one on each cheek push back up towards your ears until you cup your ears between two of yourpeople showing different neck massages fingers, then give them a little pull as you bring your hands back down to your neck. With one hand cup your neck and move your hand up and down your neck using as much pressure as you feel is comfortable. Put both hands now around the back of your neck and link the fingers together and pull forward again using as much pressure as you want.

You have now completed a head and face massage, it doesn’t take long, can be done almost anywhere and hopefully you are feeling energized. Now you can use that energy to massage the rest of your body. Starting at the chest either gently smooth, grip or press, down your stomach then smooth your arms around to your back and massage there. Then back up to your neck and shoulders then down each arm to your hands. Then down to your bottom, your legs back and front and finally to your feet. Like I said before there are many books, DVD andwoman holding out a glass of water as if to say cheers online videos that can guide you through self massage.

Congratulations you have given yourself a self massage, drink a glass of water now to help nature with cleaning out your body. Cheers!

What is the health benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil to me is one of the most natural of all the oils I have used. I find it is safe to use because it is edible, it is also very soft and lasts longer when massaging meaning you can take your time and not keep stopping to top up your hands with more oil once they go dry. The minerals and vitamins, lauric acid and its antibacterial properties are great for massage because not only does it help your hands slide across the skin but it also feeds the skin and cleans it of any bacteria promoting natural new skin growth.

Coconut oil massage benefits

The natural benefits of a massage with natural coconut oil are that you receive the best of nature without anything man made. The natural coconut oil smoothed into the skin during a massage is probably one of the most natural and Eco friendly ways to become and stay healthy.fresh as nature logo

Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

How to use coconut oil on the skin

coconut being poured onto a handCoconut oil is one of the most natural and safest oils around that you can use on your body.

Natural, because it comes direct from the flesh of the coconut with no additives to make it safe and useable. Water is used to soften the shredded flesh of the coconut so the oil can be squeezed out, then allowed to stand and separate leaving you with pure coconut oil.

Safe, because once you have finished applying it all over your skin you can lick your fingers because it is edible, even in its raw natural state.

When you buy a jar of pure natural coconut oil, you will notice that it is solid like candle wax. How do you apply this solidjar of coconut oil extra virgin waxy substance to your skin ?. The secret is, coconut oil turns into a candle wax substance at just under 24 degrees. The trick is to scoop out the white wax and rub it between your hands and the coconut wax will turn into a clear pleasant smelling oil before your eyes and nose, that can now be easily applied to your body.

Start at the top of your body or start at the bottom is purely a personal preference. I do both depending on how I am feeling that day. The end result will be the same, silky smooth and great smelling skin. That is how to use coconut oil on the skin, so start today for great smelling, great feeling natural healthy skin.

Coconut oil good for your body

Now you know how to get the waxy coconut into a smooth clear oil that can be easily be applied all over your body just by placing between your hands, the next thought will be if it is good for your body.

The process to extract the oil just involves water to soften the flesh to allow the oil to separate from the coconut flesh. Aftercoconut oil in wax form on a wooden spoon standing for about 24 hours the water separates from the oil and is tipped away, leaving the white waxy coconut fat.

Many essential oils that you can use on your body to smell nice or to help keep your body healthy need a carrier oil such as castor oil before you can apply to your body. The essential oils like rose oil for instance, can not be applied directly to your skin, they will burn, so they are diluted into the carrier oil before applying to your skin. Also, most of these oils are for external use only, you cannot eat them.

Coconut oil can be applied to your directly to your skin as it is safe to do so, and can also be eaten. You can use it in cooking or spread it on bread as you would with butter. It is a totally all round safe and natural product which is why I am such a fan of this brown furry ball of goodness.coconut with what looks like two eyes and a smile

Coconut benefits for the body

Coconut milk, chunks of coconut flesh and coconut oil can all come from the same coconut and have many benefits both inside and outside the body.

The saturated fats found in coconut oil can feed your skin and keep it feeling and looking youthful, it is particularly beneficial on your scalp and for your hair follicles which can in turn promote stronger and thicker hair growth. The oil itself can also be a great sun protection. In hotter climates, particularly in the more remote areas, coconut oil is the only sun protection that is available and has been used this way for thousands of years.

The coconut has anti microbial properties which are particularly helpful in keeping all areas if your mouth healthy. Lauric acid, which is abundant in coconuts is very beneficial to your heart, keeping it strong and healthy.

Is coconut oil safe for breast feeding

Breast feeding is a natural process for feeding infants. The milk in the breast contains the necessary fats, vitamins and minerals that a child needs in the first years of their lives. As wonderful and natural as it is, it baby breastfeedingcan also be painful because with all that sucking the nipples can become sore, which can make wearing a bra also uncomfortable. There are many oils and creams you can buy to sooth and ease the soreness but most of these contain chemicals and other things that I would worry about a baby digesting even in minute amounts.

Babies when they are born are very vulnerable and need to build up an immunity to many harmful things in the world around them. Breast milk is the most natural protection that can help them get a good start in life. When considering what to put on your sore nipples, you have to consider that this is what goes into your babies mouth. Coconut oil is a soothing oil that can help to keep your nipples in good health and is also safe for your baby as it is natural and edible.

Is coconut oil safe for sex

Sex is a natural process that is necessary to keep the human race stocked up. The next generation of people that will keep the earth populated and someone younger and fitter to take care of us as we get older. Sex can also be an enjoyment of yours and possibly another persons body, or maybe more if you feel that would increase your fun.

My view of sex is the extension of my love for my wife. Exploring each other and finding new ways to fill each other with happiness, trust and relaxation.

For sex to be comfortable and enjoyable for both parties involved lubrication can make things go more smoothly, literally! There are many lubricants available that come in two basic forms, oil based and water based. Both have positive and negative arguments as to which is the best. Water based lubricants are better with condoms but dry out quicker, and oil based lubricants tend to break down the latex used to make condoms so can cause failure and a whole range of problems I am sure you are familiar with.

My focus here is ” Is coconut oil safe for sex”. Coconut oil is safe for the body both externally and internally, so if you want pure natural hot sex with someone you know and can trust, then pure natural virgin coconut oil is the best natural lubricant. It is beneficial for the health of your skin both the male and female genitals. It does not contain any chemicals thatpicture showing condom with a jar of coconut oil you would need to worry about going inside the vagina and, it tastes nice too. “Just Saying! “. As coconut oil is an oil based lubricant it is not recommended for use with condoms.

Can I use coconut oil all over my body

Coconut oil is a natural oil with no additives and contains everything good for the body. It can be put all over your body, from the hair on your head to the soles of your feet and all nooks and crannies in between. It can be good inside your mouth on your teeth and gums, and can be digested as a raw oil or cooked into your daily meals. All ages can benefit from this natural oil from babies to the elderly.

I find there is nothing better than after a shower scooping out a handful of the white coconut wax, rubbing it together between my hands to soften it into oil and smoothing over my body. Another tip I like is to put a teaspoon full of the white coconut wax into hot water, add some lemon squash stir it around, and then when it is cool enough drink it. Then lemon cleans your body as it goes through followed by the vitamin and mineral rich coconut oil to help heal and strengthen you.

Take care of your body, it is the only one you will get.person jumping with the sun setting over the ocean behind them

Coconut Central- for everything coconut

coconut central logo Everything coconut base, Together in one place

fresh as nature logo

Hi guys and welcome to Coconut Central, this is the place where I search, find and display for your convenience everything coconut.

Have you ever been searching for something online and find that after typing in the name of that product you have to wade through many products similar but not quite what you are looking for ? I found that, while looking for coconut based products for my Fresh as Nature website, so I decided to set up Coconut Central. Everything that is purely or mostly coconut will be added here as I find them to make your search for those healthy, nature fresh coconut products that much easier for you to find.


We shall start at the beginning which, I am informed is a very good place to start.

As fresh and as satisfying it is to make my own coconut oil to protect and to take care of my skin, I find, and I guess many of you will agree is that there is not always time available to do this.

When I go to see my wife’s family in rural Thailand, it is as if time slows down and everything is made from scratch using everything from the natural world around them. I have used coconut oil for many years before, but from a jar, when I saw it made in front of my eyes it made me realise how such an ugly brown ball can be so helpful to me.

In order to stay healthy when I am at home in the United Kingdom I buy coconut oil in jars. I search for the coconut oil that is the purest most natural product that I can buy.

Kiki Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil

a jar of pure coconut oil

The manufacturer of this coconut oil only uses coconuts that are grown in organic soil. No chemicals to make them grow quicker or bigger and no pesticides. They are grown letting nature take its course giving you a jar of the purest that nature can offer.

Now is the time to start your beauty treatment by building the foundation, that is great skin. Natural Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil can be the start to a more healthy future, but you need to start sometime, why not today.

The benefits are not just limited to your skin or your hair, as it is 100% natural it can be eaten too. You can use it in your cooking so you can be healthy inside too. Clicking on the jar will take you to the website where you can order and have it delivered to your door ready for the start of a healthy future. Stay Healthy!!!!

This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. You can read my full advertising disclosure here.

Tiana Organic and Fair Trade Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

(“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”)

Dry skin can be a problem for most of us at sometime in our lives. Stress, worry, tight clothes, even walking boots can cause the oils in our skin to be depleted allowing the skin to dry out and cause unpleasant, sometimes untouchable areas on the body. In the cold winter months my nose runs and I am constantly wiping it. This causes the end of my nose to get sore and red making me look like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, quite seasonal but embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Applying coconut oil to the end of my nose helps to soften the hard dry skin and protects it while I am out in the cold winter air, and eventually my nose returns to normal. This Tiana Pure Virgin Coconut Oil comes in a very presentable 100ml jar which would look great on any bathroom shelf. It is very smooth to apply to dry sore skin as it is especially produced for your dry skin areas.

Tiana produce and distribute coconut oil that comes from coconuts grown on small family farms in the Philippines. By paying the farmers fairly for their coconuts which they grow exclusively for this company, they can be sure of top quality produce to make the best coconut oil for you to use to keep your body healthy. Fair Trade is a way of keeping these small family farms working by paying them a fair price for their produce so that they can afford to live and work comfortably.

To save you searching around for this product just click on the picture or highlighted words and you will be taken to Amazon where this product is available to purchase and be delivered to your home. Treat yourself, treat your body, you know you deserve it.


Tiana Organic and Fair Trade Argan Fresh Coconut Oil

(“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”)

In the U.K. we have a very varied climate from the freezing cold winter weather to the hot summers, normally. This fairly dramatic change in temperatures can affect our hair. My hair is fairly thin in places, well quite alot of places actually so my scalp can especially be affected by the windy wet icy weather and also the scorching hot sun.

In order to protect my scalp which in turn helps to keep my hair follicles strong I use coconut oil. This helps to keep my scalp skin protected and stops it from drying out too much. This can then help promote hair growth and produce stronger and thicker strands. Another oil that is great for hair care is argan oil which is used alot in shampoos and conditioners.

Coconut oil alone is very affective and the same can be said for argan oil but put them together and you have a great harmonization of oils to keep your hair and scalp in tip-top condition.

Tiana Argan Fresh Coconut Oil is created to give your hair and head the best protection and care whatever the weather. After washing and conditioning your hair just massage a small amount into your scalp and let your hair slide through your fingers coating each strand in a combination of these natural oils. Your hair will feel and look more shiny and healthy.

To save you searching around for where to buy this product just click on the picture or highlighted words and you will be taken straight to Amazon where you can order it and have it delivered straight to your door.

jar of tiana argan fresh coconut oil


You want the best for your hair naturally, so invest in the best natural hair care.

Tiana Organic and Fair Trade Rose Fresh Coconut

(“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”)

When I look in the mirror, which I try to do as infrequently as possible. I see the creases in my expanse of forehead, the hairline being somewhere over the horizon. I see the smile lines extending from the outside corner of my eyes to somewhere
under the arms of my glasses. The deep folds from the corner of my mouth to either side of my chin. I know, I sound like a handsome chap don’t I?. In all these lines, creases and folds that make up my more mature facial features lies years of wisdom and experience that youthful faces have yet to learn.

Growing older is a natural process that is central to every living being, so in order to slow down the ageing process should be, in my opinion, done in a natural way using natural products fresh from nature. Coconut oil is central to maintaining your skin both outside, through regular use of oil on your skin, and inside using coconut products in your cooking.

An excellent though expensive oil to help slow down and maybe slightly reverse the ageing process is called rose oil. It is made from rose petals, and as rose petals are very delicate, it is a very involved procedure to extract the oil. Rose oil can help re-balance skin tone and help with reducing ageing lines on the face.

Rose oil can be bought as an essential oil but it is not safe to put directly onto the skin which is why mixing with a good carrier oil necessary. For natural skin care the benefits of c

tiana organic and fair trade rose fresh coconut jar

oconut oil mixed with rose oil sound like a terrific combination for your skin.

Tiana Organic and Fair Trade Rose Fresh Coconut is made specifically with ageing skin in mind. Use a finger tip amount massaged gently into your face in the evening before bed and in the morning before you start your day will have you feeling and looking more youthful.

A great investment into a naturally youthful future for you.

Tiana Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

( ” As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying Purchases ” )

Personally I use coconut oil almost everyday after I shower, that way I know as well as feeding my body with a meal I am also feeding my skin with nutrients so that it can remain healthy. Another reason is that it feels so smooth when I rub in my hands and apply to my skin, and the smell is natural and easy on the nose.

I tend to buy the 500 ml jars which last me and my wife about a month before we start scraping the bottom of the jar and are ready to start a new one.

The Tiana Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is from a Fair Trade company which is what encourages me to buy from them. Good for the coconut farmers in the Phillipines, good for their families, good for the environment, being grown naturally, and then cold pressed using no heat to extract the coconut oil. Good for you having a natural product to keep you in tip top health.

Order here to have the healthy jar of coconut oil delivered direct to your door.












Skin care routine for your legs

men's legs Have you ever taken the time to look at your legs. I don’t mean while you are walking or running you might trip over something or someone. I mean in the comfort of your home while sitting down. Well now is the time to appreciate them and the work they do in your everyday lives. A quick wash in the shower and dry with a towel is all the care most get because they are not seen too much especially in the cold winter months when they spend most of their time in trousers, leggings or tights. What you need is a skin care routine for your legs.

Coconut oil for legs

a man picking up a box from the floor by bending over it

Your legs are mostly made from bone, muscle and skin tissue. They are, some say the strongesta woman picking up a box from the floor by squatting and using her legs to push up part of your body, I recall from my manual handling tuition at work. “Don’t use your back to lift something, use your ” big engines “, to which they mean the legs. To give you a demonstration of what I mean, put a box on the floor. Now bend over and pick it up, it is possible right?. Now put the box back on the floor, this time keeping your back straight, squat down in front of the box, pick it up then stand up. That feels much easier doesn’t it? Pushing up with your legs like two strong hydraulic rams is better than trusting your spine to pull up at an angle.

Now that you have much more appreciation for your legs it is time to think of how to take care of them. There are many creams that you can use on your body to keep your skin healthy and soft, but why would you want to waste putting these creams on your legs. Your legs don’t get age lines or wrinkles, but the skin can get dry especially at the top in between your legs where your underwear elastic stretches. Your legs are covered in skin which is natural from nature so the best thing to smooth into your legs is a natural oil from nature. The most natural oil for skin care is coconut oil, and that includes your legs, because yes they are covered in skin, right ?

Shaved legs care from coconut oil

Many people nowadays shave their legs. If your legs are on display they must be smooth seems to be the fashion. Thesomeone shaving their legs with razor amount of shavers especially for legs is mind blowing, that is without mentioning creams, epilators, laser hair removal salons, it is quite an industry.

Whatever method of hair removal you use it is the after care that is of the utmost importance. Itchy legs can be embarrassing, especially when you are out and about, so it is important to put something on your legs after shaving them to protect the now exposed skin. Coconut oil is natural, full of vitamins and nutrients that not only protects the skin but also keeps it soft.

In many hot countries coconut oil is used all over the body to protect against sun damage to the skin. During the summer the legs are probably the last place people think to put sun cream so a routine of smoothing coconut oil all over your body in the morning before you go out during the hot season will help keep your skin protected.

Coconut oil for sore skin

Sore skin on your legs ? some of you may ask. Well speaking from experience, wearing tighter fitting jeans, especially with the seams in jeans can rub against your legs and make them sore. This can sometimes happen at the hip area or in between the legs. In the hot sweaty summer months this can become uncomfortable and ruin a great day out. Firstly wear jeans orwoman wearing a pair of tight fitting black leather trousers trousers that are not so tight, but if tight fitting trousers or jeans are a must. Then a daily routine of smoothing coconut oil all over your body including all areas of your legs to help the skin to stay lubricated while you are wearing them. It will help stop the skin from drying out which causes the soreness.

Some of you may get sore at the top of your legs because they rub together. This will cause the skin to dry out and become sore. This mostly happens in the hotter time of the year but in some cases it can be a regular all year round problem. Applying natural coconut oil at the top of your legs can help lubricate the skin and help to keep it soft so that any skin to skin rubbing will not cause too much soreness.

Health benefits of using coconut oil on your legs

My legs, like I guess many of you have taken the brunt of many an adventure. When younger or even now I get bumps, bruises or even cuts to my legs. Because they are nearest to the ground they are more likely to be knocked around.

Most people come through their adventurous childhood years with a couple of scars on their legs, me included. Scars are the bodies way of sealing up an opening in the skin where it has been cut open. It is a natural process that all bodies have in order to survive. To help the skin to repair and the scar to heal as strong and as invisible as possible coconut oil can be applied to firstly help keep out infection but also help the skin to heal quicker and stronger.

Coconut oil is just coconut oil

There are many creams, lotions and oils that you can buy to apply to the outside of your body, but how many of these would be just as good for you if you were to eat them. Coconut oil is the pure oil from the coconut, nothing added and nothing taken away. It is as safe to use on the outside of your body as it is to eat and feed the inside of your body.

Take care of your body “big engines” (legs), and they will take care of you. A daily routine using natural coconut oil coconuts with oil in bottles with rain in the backgroundsmoothed onto them should keep them looking and feeling healthy.sun breaking through the green trees and shining on the fresh as nature logoa woman in a dressing gown smoothing oil onto her legs

What’s best for tattoo after care

a selection of tattooed people

Tattoos! You can either love them or hate them. You can proud of them or embarrassed by them. The first tattoos that have been discovered go back some 5000 years. Don’t worry this not going to be a history lesson.

Tattoos come in all shapes sizes and colours, the design ideas are endless. You can have a tattoo anywhere on your body, depending on how daring you are and of course how much pain you can take especially in more delicate areas…….OUCH!

Tattoo artists, as they are quite rightly called because it is an art form, firstly discuss what design you want and where you want it. I had a tattoo done many years ago, a tiger on my upper arm. The tattoo artist found a drawing of a tiger, edged it with a charcoal pencil made some improvements to it placed it on my arm to get the main lines of the design. The outline is done first then the colour is applied to give it some body. Before you ask, yes it does hurt because you have a needle puncturing your skin at a very fast rate injecting colour to make the tattoo.tattooed arm being wrapped in cling film

Once the tattoo is finished it is coated in a cooling gel and wrapped in cling film to protect it and your skin from infection. You will then get instruction on how to care for it over the coming days, weeks and months.

My tattoo healed well because I took the time to take care of it, so, What’s best for tattoo aftercare ?

Care for your tattoo naturally

Tattoos are created in your skin by using a machine a bit like a hand held sewing machine. Instead of sewing pieces of cloth together with cotton thread, the needle injects small droplets of colour into the dermis, which is the second layer of skin,arm being tattooed with electric needle about a millimeter deep. The tattoo remains more stable within this layer as it is covered by the upper layer of skin, and can last a lifetime maybe with a bit of fading if too much sun exposure.

Any break in the surface of the skin is classed as a wound and as such needs to be taken care of to avoid infection. The tattoo artist will apply a cooling gel and some cling film initially, but once you get home the care is then up to you.

As it is initially a wound your body will start to repair itself hence the warming up of that area. It is a natural process that all living things have when injury occurs.

As it is a natural process why not care for your tattoo naturally with natures natural oils to give your skin and the tattoo within the best chance to make a full a vibrant recovery. After all it is going to be with you a long time.

Tattoo aftercare with coconut oil

There are many oils and creams that are recommended for tattoo aftercare, but I prefer natural oils. They work in harmony with your skin rather than just covering it and numbing it to relieve pain.

Coconut oil helps reduce swelling, keeps the wound free from infection and helps new skin form with its many nutrients andcoconut oil dripping onto tattooed arm minerals, all natural of course. The quicker and more natural the healing process, the less chance of scarring and a better looking tattoo. Using coconut oil I had very little discomfort and it healed up within a few weeks and has been no problem since then. Twenty or so years later and people still think I had it done recently.

Most of the time it sits under my t-shirt sleeve at the top of my arm so it does not get too much sun, but I use coconut oil on my skin everyday so it gets the best care, like the rest of me.

Is coconut oil good for bruises

My tattoo is on my arm, and as an active person who is always building or fixing something I have had my fair share of cuts and bruises. Arms are very helpful to each and every one of us from lifting the furniture when we move house to hugging the children. They are also highly vulnerable because if something were to fall or we were to slip, our arms are the first thing we use to protect ourselves or others from getting hurt.

Cuts or gashes, providing they are not too big can be covered with a plaster to protect them while the body clots the opening to stop blood leakage and then forms a hard scab while the skin underneath repairs itself.arm showing yellowy purple bruise

Bruises don’t always come out immediately, but when they do the best way to reduce the appearance and help faster healing is to gently press out from the centre to allow the blood under the skin to gently be taken out naturally by the body. This may sound painful but apply some coconut oil to your fingers to help them glide across the skin as you apply pressure. The coconut oil also helps the lower layers of skin heal quicker reducing the risk of infection and any swelling that might occur.

Is coconut oil good for burns

Arms are in a vulnerable position as we use them for all sorts of activities from working to playing. If something splashes up at you the first line of protection are your arms. Just watch any you tube video where someone is splashed or something goes bang and the first thing people will do is put their arms across their face to protect themselves.

I know from personal experience how sore a burn on your arm can be. Hot oil from a chip pan, electrical burn while repairingtraeting a burn on arm with coconut oil on cotton swab a washing machine and hot water from a car radiator. Not all at the same time you understand but over many years in my younger life.

By applying natural coconut oil I kept out infections, which allowed the wounds to heal quickly reducing the chances of too much scarring. Any scars I got I have reduced over the years by applying coconut oil each time after I shower and before I go out in the sun.

Everyday care naturally with coconut oil

We all get cuts, bruises, burns, etc, sometime throughout our lives. It is part of the learning process, how to stay safe, how to stay alive. By keeping our bodies in as tip-top condition as possible we can take care of these injuries the natural way to encourage fast and safe healing. Coconut oil is not just good for keeping our skin healthy on the outside, but also on the inside because it is edible. One of the safest most durable of the natural oils. Take care of yourself every day with natural coconut oil.sun breaking through the green trees and shining on the fresh as nature logowoman sitting by water being splashed by pure coconut oil

What is a cure for smelly feet ?

When you go to someone’s house and they ask you to leave your shoes outside, that is quite a normal request, right? Theydog smelling feet as boots removed might have new carpets or they worry you might have trodden in something, but it’s their house so you comply.

That is ok unless you have smelly feet like I used to have when I was younger. I would go to school or go walking and when I got home and removed my shoes the smell would waft out into the room. I would wonder if it was my socks, so I bought socks that advertised as odorless. Was it my trainers, so I bought insoles that claimed to eat odours. None of this worked, the smell still wafted out when I took off my shoes at the end of the day. I even used to spray the insides of my shoes with deodorant hoping this would help, but to no avail.

Trying on new shoes in a shoe shop was always a worry. Dating was nightmare, instead of thinking about the movie we were watching I would be thinking what is a cure for smelly feet ?

A step in the right direction

My feet, like everyone else’s, is the furthest part of your body from your head. From your eyes, your nose and most probably from your thoughts, out of sight out of mind. They are no less important than any other part of your body, but they are probably the least cared for. Some people even hate the sight of their feet and in some cultures it is rude to show the soles oflooking down at feet your feet in some circumstances.

You would miss them if they were not there as they help when walking or running, and when standing the heel, ball and toes are constantly adjusting to keep you balanced upright. Just watch a toddler when they first stand and see the movements in their feet as they learn to balance and then walk. I had to learn to walk three times in my life. When I was a toddler for the first time, then after I broke my leg, when I was laid up due being knocked down by a car, and the third time when I badly gashed my knee on glass and was unable to walk for three months. These were all in my school years, but even now I appreciate the fact that I can still stand and walk.

Showing your feet some love and care goes a long way to prevent some of the things that can make your feet uncomfortable. I know from the many walks I go on that blisters, corns, cracked heels and athletes foot can all make walking extremely uncomfortable.

As you get older your feet seem to get further and further out of reach. Whether your legs grow longer or your arms growolder man stretching to reach his toes shorter I am not sure, but reaching them is more of an effort. The best way to avoid that is to take care of them now, when they are still in reach and avoid too many problems later.     That has got to be a step in the right direction.

The sore, dry and smelly problems with feet

There are many problems that can make your feet feel uncomfortable to walk on and not that particularly attractive to look at. These can come from fungal infections from going barefoot in public areas like swimming baths or gyms. Poor fitting shoes that rub or squeeze the feet, or if you like walking like I do, over use causing irritation inside your shoes. The weather, yes I no we always blame the weather, but excessive heat can cause your feet to get very hot inside shoes or trainers and get sweaty or even get very sitting holding his sore foot after taking off his trainers

Here I want to run, (excuse the pun, or not), through some of the problems that can make feet uncomfortable, most of these are from personal experience over the years.

  1. Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that loves damp warm environments and is not limited to athletes, despite the name. It can usually be picked up in places where people go bare foot like swimming baths, gym changing rooms but it can also come from wearing sweaty damp shoes or socks. Usually you will get an itchy rash or flaky skin which is very tempting to scratch, but doing that can help it spread to other parts of the body.                                  When I had athlete’s foot, I was doing a milk delivery job which involved a lot of walking, so my feet became hot and sweaty and I was walking in those socks and shoes all day long from early morning until late evening. My symptoms were the skin splitting between my toes from becoming sweaty then drying, and all that pressure from constant walking.
  2. Blisters are fluid sacks just under the upper layers of skin that form to prevent damage to the more sensitive tissue deeper in your skin. They come from constant rubbing when walking or running when using ill-fitting or just the wrong type of shoe for the activity that you are doing. It pays to invest in a decent pair of shoes or boots to avoid these painful blisters that can spoil a day out.                                                                                                      Speaking once again from experience I walked around the island that I was living on, a mere 70 miles of coastal path, and half-way I had to stop for the night due to a big blister on my heel. The shoes I was wearing were my work shoes, not for comfort while walking,, but to protect my feet in a work environment. I went to a pharmacy and bandaged up my foot the next day and uncomfortably completed the walk around. With the right shoes and without the blister it would have been more fun.
  3. Corns are formed on the toes when wearing shoes that are too small. This causes pressure on the skin which hardens as it is compressed. After a while it gets thicker until it becomes large and painful and requires attention. As a child your feet grow quite quickly, so the need to replace your shoes often before they wear out becomes more necessary.                                                                                                                                                         As a child it was not always possible for me to have new shoes as my feet grew bigger. I would go to school with my feet squeezed into the shoes until the end of term time when we would go shopping for new bigger shoes. Then of course we needed to buy corn pads as I frequently had painful corns on my little toes. Thankfully now I can keep my shoes until they wear out as my feet no longer grow.
  4. Cracked Heels are caused by the skin drying and shrinking slightly. When you then put the full weight of your body onto it as you walk, the heel expands as you press down and the skin cracks exposing the soft lower layers of skin which of course makes walking more painful.                                                                                                I have dry skin around my heel depending on how much walking I do but not to the extent that it cracks thankfully.

Coconut oil for your feet

Coconut oil is not a rub-it-on quick fix for your sore hard or cracked feet. It is like most things in nature, a gradual return to full health. Used regularly, it helps the skin to heal itself.self massaging feet with coconut oil

Athlete’s foot is a fungal germ that causes irritation to the skin. Coconut oil is anti fungal so it neutralizes the fungal germ so your feet can return to full health. Healthy skin, even on your feet, can feel and smell great.

When a blister develops they can be quite painful and sore. If left alone it will eventually heal but this can take some time and mean not walking or standing on your foot for a few days. This is not ideal for most of our busy lives so the best way would be to clean around the blister and lance it with a needle to drain the fluid. Coconut oil is an antibacterial, so applied to the now deflated blister area and wrap with a bandage. Care should be taken when walking or standing as the area needs to heal, coconut oil will protect and promote healthy skin tissue to regrow. Then get yourself a decent pair a good fitting shoes so it doesn’t happen again.

Hard dry skin especially on the heel of your foot can not only be painful to walk on, but can also look unsightly if you were to go barefoot or remove your shoes and socks to relax. Coconut oil can help soften the skin as it helps keep in the moisture that skin needs in order to look and feel healthy.

Toe nails can also benefit from a regular smoothing of coconut oil. It can help keep the fungal germs at bay that can cause decay in or on the toe nail. A yellowing of the toe nail or even painful cracking can be cleared by applying coconut oilsore big toe nail regularly. The decay or deterioration of the toe nail is what can make your feet smell, so clear up the problem and be proud of your feet.

Foot care with coconut oil

At the end of a hard day at work the first thing we all want to do when we get home is kick off our shoes allowing fresh air to get to our feet. The bliss of cool fresh air flowing over the poor feet that have carried us around all day. Possibly they have been pushing pedals or just helping you keep balance in front of your computer. Whatever line of work you do your feet have been there supporting you all the way. Now you are home and resting it is a great time to say thank you to your feet by massaging your feet with coconut oil.

With your feet bare, you can bend down to your feet or bring them up to you, whichever is more comfortable. Scoop out some pure natural coconut oil and place in your hands then put your hands together. The warmth of your hands will turn the coconut to oil. Taking one foot at a time smooth over the top of the foot down to the toes then grip gently under the arch and back to the heel. Give the heel some strong pressure as you massage then work forwards along the bottom of the foot tomassaging the sole of the foot your toes. Rub some oil between your toes and gently with thumb and fore finger smooth down each toe over the boney part down to the soft pad and around to the nail. Then put your feet up and relax letting the coconut oil absorb into the skin deep cleaning, softening and feeding with nutrients. It is as easy as that and done each day or maybe two or three times a week will help keep your feet free from infection and healthy.

Foot care – with love

In Thailand, where my wife comes from, foot massage is taught from generation to generation. If you have a headache or stomach ache, if you are feeling a bit sick, massaging the feet is the best way to help with problem. Coconut oil or tiger balm is used applied to the feet by way of massage. Pressing different areas of the feet connects to chakras in the body. The coconut oil helps the hands glide over the feet applying the pressure when needed. As you can see, feet are not only for walking, running or standing, they are connected to all parts of the body to help keep you healthy. Keeping your feet healthy with regular coconut oil massages will in turn keep you healthy and your feet will not smell of rotten cheese.               Love your feet and they will in turn show their love in return.sun breaking through the green trees and shining on the fresh as nature logoshowing appreciation for their feet with flowers and candles

Natural remedies for dry hands

multi coloured hands

The reason you are reading this now is that your hands are feeling and possibly looking a bit tired, and you want some way to revive them. Lucky hands, because many people just carry on not thinking about how much work their hands do for thema pair of hard working dirty hands every day.

Lets just take a minute to look at your hands. Hold your hands up in front of your face and really look. See the fingers with their joints allowing you to grip things like door handles, car keys and your morning coffee.

They also have the ability to let you stroke your face just behind your ear bringing a tingling up your spine.

Look at the palm of your hand and think of the many things you pick up every day with a grip as strong or as gentle as you want.

The backs of your hands are probably the part that you use the least but can be the part that looks aged the easiest if notthe back of a hand looked after.

You can also feel how soft or rough a surface is just by smoothing the tip of your finger over it, you do this every day without really thinking about it, it is natural.

Welcome to your hands. You knew they were there but did you take the time to really look at them and appreciate them for what they are how much they contribute to your everyday lives.

Taking care of your hands should be as natural as you use them on a daily basis, so what better way than with natural remedies such as natural oils  from naturally grown sources.


Soft hands with coconut oil

Our hands are probably the most hardworking parts of our bodies. They are subject to hot conditions such as when washing up. They are subject to cold conditions such as when we play in the snow or scrape the ice off the car windows first thing in the morning before setting off for work. Hold, push, pull and all manner of things to help us get through the day.scraping ice from car window

All this work dries out our hands making them rough, sore and sometimes blisters if, like me you like to use spanners and screwdrivers.

Caring for your hands usually can mean a quick wash with some soap and put on some synthetic type cream. These can initially make your hands feel soft and smell nice but do not feed the skin naturally. Your hands are natural skin, created naturally, so why not put something natural on them that will harmonize with them and provide deep feeding and smoothing nutrition. Yes I said nutrition, the skin on your hands is part of you and is alive as much as you are. To stay healthy you eat healthy natural food so why not do the same for your hardworking hands, with natural oil from coconuts, healthy food for hands.

One of the most natural body friendly oils is coconut oil. It is healthy for your body both internally and externally. It feeds the skin leaving it smooth on the outside and helps keep the skin strong and healthy deeper down.

Younger looking hands naturally

Age can show more in some body areas than others. The face, of course, the neck and the back of your hands. You can put oil on your face and neck and just leave it to settle into the skin, but your hands are always doing something. They can be cooking, cleaning or even just operating the remote control.

So it is more important that you take care of them as often as possible with a regular covering of pure natural coconut oil.rubbing coconut oil into handsTake care of your hands so that they can better take care of you.

How to use coconut oil as a moisturizer

When I think about moisturizers, I tend to think of the many rows of pots of cream with many sometimes long unpronounceable ingredients that you see in large pharmacy shops or the skin care department of supermarkets.

Moisturizing is actually making something less dry, in this case your hands. You could try water but as your skin is waterproof, it would just stay on the skin surface and evaporate due to your body heat.

An oil such as natural coconut oil does not evaporate and will be absorbed into your hands and re-energise the skin cells to repair themselves and create new stronger cells. This will help keep your hands healthier and they will look and feel fresher and possibly more youthful.

Make it easy on your hands

Make a fist with your hand and feel the skin on the back, it will back stretched and strong. Relax your hand and now feel the skin on the back of your hand, it is more loose yes?two hands, one in fist other outstretched

If you have some rigger gloves like they use on a building site or even a pair of leather gloves. Put those on and make a fist again, feel how strong you have to pull your fingers back against the strong glove material. Do that a few times again your fingers and hands will begin to ache.

Dry skin on your hands can be a bit like the leather gloves, not so easy to stretch and hard work for your muscles and bone joints in your hands. Over a period of time this can lead to constantly aching fingers and limited movements of both the fingers and hands, as in making a fist or gripping a pen.

Keeping the skin moisturized with natural coconut oil will keep the skin more pliable and not make your joints and muscles in your hands work so hard to move. It is like wearing a leather glove compared to a silk glove, the freedom of movement is so much easier with the silk glove.

Take care of your hands and they will take care of you

Your hands are used in every aspect of your life from switching off the alarm clock in the morning to pulling the duvet over you as settle down to sleep in the evening. Just think for a minute how many times you use your hands throughout a normal day.

The elasticity of your skin on your hands plays a big part in keeping down the amount of strain on your bones and muscles to perform everyday tasks. Remember the leather glove compared to the silk glove comparison.

Taking care of your hands with some natural coconut oil every day will keep help keep your skin supple and make it easier to perform your daily tasks. Natural oils are more in harmony with your natural body and so are easier for the body to absorb and can relate better to the cells that make up your hands.

Taking care of your skin means less wear on your hands and a better and healthier you. many hands forming heart shape

Take care of your hands so they are in better shape to take of  you.sun breaking through the green trees and shining on the fresh as nature logo

Coconut oil for the face – natural oil for your natural face

peoples facesYour face is the most prominent feature of your body. When you wrap up against the cold it is the part of your body that you keep uncovered so that you can see and you can breathe. It is the part of you that most people see when they meet you either face to face or even online. It is on your passport, your driving licence and any other identity documents that you may need for work or in your daily lives.

For this reason it is vital that you take care of it. I know you can put on make up and many types and brands of creams,serums and lotions, but, are these good for your skin. Maybe they look good for a while until you wash them off at the end of the day.

Your face is a natural thing, created of skin and bone and is best taken care of in a natural way with a natural product. There is nothing more natural than pure coconut oil for the face. Not only is it smooth and comforting to put on but it also feeds your face skin, helping keep moisture in and helping top up collagen levels which start to deplete as you get older. If you wear make-up did you know that you can also use coconut oil to remove it safely and naturally?. It softens the eye shadow and the concealers and you can gently wipe them away without too much harsh rubbing, and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and smells so nice and tropical too.

How to look more beautiful – naturally

I watch my wife, when I suggest going out for a meal or drink somewhere, sitting in front of the mirror on her dressing table with her rows of lipsticks, concealers and eye shadows. She just wants to look perfect and beautiful for me. To me she has a natural beauty that no amount of make-up could improve on.

Every hour of every day people look into their mirrors, not to see how beautiful or handsome they are but to look for flaws that they think other people will notice. I tell my wife everyday how beautiful she is because to me she is. Other people may not agree because everyone has different views on what makes a person attractive. My wife says I am handsome, I don’t see handsome when I look in the mirror, passable but not handsome, but as she is my wife and she loves me I trust her judgement on that. After all what does it matter what anybody else thinks, as long as I am healthy.

How to be more beautiful seems to be most people’s goal, but I believe beauty starts way down in your soul. You do not need make up to be beautiful, just a smile from your heart that is all.

When you smile, it not only makes you more beautiful, but also brightens your soul and all those around you that see it.

How everyday living can affect your face skin

A smile can make you more beautiful, but it will not protect you from the elements in the air around you.Your face has natural oil, as does the rest of your body, but as it is the part of your body that you are least likely to cover I think a little help might be necessary.

In the summer you have the hot Ultra Violet rays from the sun that can dry out your skin and in winter you have the cold icy wind that can also dry out your skin, but in a more abrasive way. You also have air pollution from vehicles particularly if you live or work in a city or busy town area. Air conditioners which although keep you cool in summer and warm in winter can dry out your skin, try sleeping in a room near an air conditioner that is switched on, and in the morning your throat will feel dry and sore because the air has dried it out. I know first hand how that feels, so what does it do to your face.

I am sure now if you think of your world around you both at work and at home you can see how modern ways of living, working and travelling around can damage your skin, particularly your uncovered face.

Coconut oil for the face – easily forgotten in our time critical lives

As you know children will always copy their parents in many aspects of their lives. I remember watching my wife’s youngchild learning to wash hands with mother nephews and nieces watching her put coconut oil her face in the morning to protect her from the sun when we were staying at the family home in rural Thailand. She put some oil on each of their hands and showed them how to put it all over the faces. Watching them try to copy her was always fun as they smeared it over their foreheads down the bridges of their noses over their cheeks and a quick rub across the chin before they got bored with this and run off to play.

I will add that children tend to put anything in their mouths, and as coconut oil is as good for the body internally as externally we had no worries with them putting their fingers into their mouths after putting on the coconut oil. That is not something I would allow children to do with most other oils and creams.

I guess in our time critical world we rush to get ready for work, half drinking our coffee because it is too hot to take time to drink properly. One arm in the coat and the other clutching a piece of toast which is supposed to be our breakfast. The last thing we would worry about is putting oil or protective cream onto our faces properly, as we would be thinking about what we need to do at work or about getting the train or bus on time or the route in our cars to beat the rush hour traffic. A bit like the children who quickly smear the oil on their faces so that they can go and play, I guess you would quickly smear the oil over your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin so that your face is protected before you head out into the world.

Coconut oil for the face – don’t forget behind your ears

That is better than nothing, but I just want to outline the importance of the little areas you miss and what long term results of missing these areas could have on your face.

1. We will start at the top with your forehead. They come in different sizes depending on where your forehead stops and your fringe starts or used to start as in my case. Foreheads take the brunt of wind and sun damage because when you put your face down to shelter it your forehead is still exposed unless of course you wear a hat, but the sun can still heat up the air under your hat causing the skin to dry. Coconut oil is the most natural oil to use to protect this area as it protects not just the surface of the skin with its natural UV protection but also feeds down into it holding in moisture and collagen. In hot countries coconut oil is put over the head and face to protect them from the heat as many people do not have a local pharmacy or supermarket where they can buy sunscreen.

When you apply the coconut oil rub across the forehead from the hair line to the eyebrows and around to hair at the sides ofman massaging his forehead your head, be it sideburns or just the natural line of your hair. It doesn’t matter if it gets into your hair because it is good for your hair too.


2. Most people tend not to be happy with their nose. It is too big, too small, curves out too much or not enough. My wife has a pretty little nose that has a ski slope curve and a cute bud on the end, but she is not happy. She said the end of her nose is wide, she would like a nose like mine. Almost straight down, red thread veins on the end and a slight swerve to the right where I broke it many years back, but to her it is perfect. The main thing is I can breath through it and smell through it, and it also is a great resting place for my glasses. The nose is a part of your body that usually does not show too much ageing but I know from experience how uncomfortable it can become wearing glasseswomen massaging the sides of her nose on sore dry skin nose.

To take care of your nose which is a relatively exposed part of your face rub the coconut oil down the bridge of your nose and then down either side and then finish up around the bud around and just into the each nostril. The nostril is a busy high traffic area with breathing air in and out, maybe cold polluted air in and used air back out. You don’t need to go too far into the nostril, but just the area you can see in the mirror.

3. Eyes are very important too us, not only do we see with them but they can convey words or emotions without actually saying anything. Raised eyebrows, eyes widened, eyes narrowed can all give us a message of how a person is feeling. Eyes do change with ageing but there are no oils or creams that can prevent this, apart from glasses or contact lenses, or even an eye wash if your eyes feel sore and dry. What I want to focus on is the area around the eyes. The sensitive eyelids which can become dry and aged with eye shadows and other make-ups, and also wind and sun. The areas around the sides of the eyes which can dry out  and crease into what is known as crows feet, due to the shape of the lines. Not forgetting under  the eyes which can dry out and result in eye bags.woman massaging under her eyewoman putting oil on her upper eyelid

To take care of the areas around the eyes, it is a gentle procedure with light rubbing when you apply the coconut oil, as the skin is thin and delicate and can be easily damaged. Once you have applied the coconut oil to your nose smear a small amount over each eyelid making sure you get into the corners, but gently. Slide your fingers down your nose a little way and sweep under each eye to the far side and over the crows feet area sweeping back towards your ears. Take a little time to do that everyday and you will preserve the skin area around your eyes keeping you looking younger and healthier.

4.  Your cheeks are another part of your face that is open to sun and wind damage. Fortunately your skin contains a lot of fatty tissue which can keep your skin moisturized and free from ageing lines. These occur further down near the sides of your mouth. My cheeks can burn and go red in direct sun and also in a cold abrasive wind but they are pretty easy to smooth oil into so are easily taken care of.woman massaging her cheeks

To take care of your cheeks apply oil by massaging the cheeks upwards over the cheek bones then fan around and down just grazing your ears. This should help prevent cheeks from sagging too much creating jowls. The cheeks pretty much stop where the jaw bone is, from then on it is your neck

5. You might be surprised that I am mentioning your mouth to take care of with coconut oil. This area includes the upper lip to the bottom of your nose. The smile lines that run from the bottom corners of your nose to the sides of your mouth, and from your bottom lip to your jaw line.

The upper lip area is not normally a dry area and sometimes even sports a moustache that will protect it. When I get a cold and my nose runs, I am constantly rubbing it to clear the dripping. This can cause dryness and soreness. Moustache hair will also benefit from a bit of care, keeping it strong and smooth. The lines at the sides of the mouth that becomeman applying oil to his beard more prominent when you smile can be difficult to avoid as you age but you can reduce the effect with moisturising and nourishing the skin there. The area under your bottom lip is again not a big problem but can be subject to spots if not taken care of. This area may also be covered with a beard which can be taken care of to make the beard hair strong and smooth. The lips, yes the lips can get dry and can crack sometimes from the affects of sun and cold harsh wind. When I was younger I used to do a milk round, so I was out at the crack of dawn in all weathers. When it was very cold my lips would dry, and when I smile they would crack and be sore when I drunk a hot tea or ate something. If only I knew then what I know now.women rubbing oil into her lips

To take care of the mouth area first put some oil on each index finger, that’s the one you point with. Then smooth it on at the bottom of your nose, across to your smile lines or that area. Curve down to the sides of your mouth then bring your fingers together under your bottom lip smoothing on the coconut oil as you go. You can use whichever hand to smooth into the rest of your chin and into your beard if you have one. For your lips, just smooth along them using your finger as you would a lip balm, only this lip balm is a natural oil that tastes nice too. Soft smooth tasty lips for kissing, you are on to a winner.

6.  Your neck is a soft sensitive area that can be covered in the winter so is not subject to abrasive biting cold winds but can be exposed in the summer to UV rays. If not taken care of it can also be one of the first things to give away your age. Due to the amount of movement a neck has to undertake it can get dry and start showing lines and wrinkles quite easily. Wearing a collar and tie, or even a scarf can cause irritation,dryness and soreness. All this can add to the lines and wrinkles eventually becoming prominent.

woman massaging her neck

To take care of your neck put some oil onto one hand, tilt your head back and from your collar bone smooth the oil into your neck. Make sure you have oil on both hands now and smooth the oil from the front of your neck around to the back making sure you cover all the way around your neck until your fingers touch at the back. With the oil on your neck do the same movements again giving your neck a massage showing it some love for the work it does keeping your head moving day after day.


7.    Finally we come to your ears, sometimes they can be forgotten about tucked away around the side of your head away from the other parts of your face. They are of course equally important as they help us to understand when people are talking to us and to avoid danger. Another use they have is to help us keep our balance when we are standing, walking or running.

I used to have problems with wax build up in my ears and would regularly have to get them cleaned out. At first I didn’t notice my hearing getting less until noises became muffles. After having the wax removed, or in later years removing the wax myself, I would have to sit down as my ears had become unbalanced with sound due to compensating for the wax build up. I then understood how important my ears are.

Ears can be scorched by direct sun or can get sore in an abrasive cold harsh wind, but they do tend to heal fairly quickly. Your ears don’t tend to get wrinkles or lines other than the curves they already have so they don’t take a lot of maintenance.  When I was younger I had long hair that reached my collar and so covered my ears. It was the fashion back then, but my ears  were protected from the sun and the cold wind. Nowadays I am lucky now if my hair even touches the very tip of my ear, so I have to take more care when I go massaging his ears

To take care of your ears just put some coconut oil on your thumb and index finger and smooth all around the outside of your ear and also make sure you smooth some into the skin immediately behind your ear up to your hair line. This is particularly important if you wear glasses as this can be a sore point especially in hot climates where you can get a bit sweaty.

putting coconut oil into the ear

Coconut oil is a natural anti-biotic so it is great at clearing infections so is safe and helpful if you have a sometimes uncomfortable inner ear infection. Make sure the oil is in fluid form by warming it a little but not too hot, about body temperature is ideal. It is better if someone can help you with this, tilt the head to one side and put 2 or 3 drops into the ear then turn the head the other way to keep the oil in. Allow time for the oil to soothe into the ear, as long as possible then drain out any excess to avoid getting onto clothes or your pillow. Do this 2 times a day for about a week and the infection should be clear. If not you will maybe need to see a doctor.

Benefits of coconut oil on the face

It is natural and it is safe, no additives, just pure oil created inside the coconut as it has been for thousands of years. The methods of extracting the oil have been modified and improved to keep up with modern day living, but the oil is as pure as it was way back then.

No additives means no foreign substances for the body to have to break down and dispose of and is just as safe inside as outside the body.

Using coconut oil on your face as protection from the sun and wind, as a make up remover, as a treat for skin to keep it hydrated and topped up with minerals and also as a natural anti-biotic oil to help clear infections naturally, can only benefit your body with daily use before or after work or play. It doesn’t take long to apply, but the benefits can last a lifetime.

Coconut oil, one oil with a multitude of uses for your face and beyond.

Take care of your skin and your skin will take care of you.sun breaking through the green trees and shining on the fresh as nature logo


Coconut oil benefits for hair – hair today but gone tomorrow

I know the title is a bit of a cliche but it is true, hair will thin out with age both in men and women. This will happen due to the gradual natural decline in nutrients that feed the follicles that create hair growth. It is happening to me and it will probably happen to you. It is part of the aging process which we can just accept or try to slow down.

I became aware of the coconut oil benefits for hair when my wife suggested I put coconut oil on my scalp where my hair is thinnest, namely the crown After a few months she said my hair looked thicker and stronger than the few wisps I had before.thin haired man brushing his hair from top view

I don’t think it will give me the full head of hair I wish for but it will make the most out of what I have at this stage in my life. And what’s more my wife is happy, now, you can not put a price on that can you ?

Who influences your hair style ?

When I was knee-high to a grasshopper my hair style was influenced by pop stars of that era. I had a light mousy coloured hair that was parted along the top of my head and hung down over my ears to my collar and down the back of my head to my collar. If it didn’t touch my collar it wasn’t cool. I hated having my hair cut to a short back and sides during the school holidays, but that was the easiest and cheapest hair cut back then. The sound of that electric hair cutter and the site of my hair cascading to the floor and swept up into the dust pan, never to be seen again gave me many a nightmare.

My hair style was influenced by a singer called Cliff Richard, he also had more hair back then. The girls at school were all sporting the big hair like Farrah Fawcett Majors or Sandy from Grease also known as Olivia Newton John. I also at one stage wanted to dye my hair black like Danny on Grease but that was a whole different era of my growing up. Nowadays whether I like it or not I sport a hair style more like Phil Collins, but I do save a fortune on shampoo.

How to the get the “perfect” ? hair

Hair styles are influenced mostly by people we see on television, in magazines, in movies, and now more than ever on the internet. These people spend alot of money and many hours in the stylists chairs to look just right for the cameras because their face and hair are their brand. That is how they earn a living.

Just as people are not all the same body shape, size or colour, it is the same for hair. Each strand of hair comes from a follicle in your scalp and dependent on your parents and how much eumelanin, pheumelanin, proteins and minerals you have in each strand, dictates on your hair colour and style. You could have thin, thick, dry, oily, curly, straight, frizzy or anymore that I might have missed, but I think you pretty much get the picture.

Many people are not happy with their hair. It is either too long or too short, too curly or too straight, or even not a colour that they are content with. There are many salons that can make your hair just the way you want it, and also there are many lotions and potions that you can buy over the counter and try at home. Most of these contain chemicals that can give you the colour or style you want, but only temporarily!

Picture perfect hair – but at a price

If you are not happy with your hair or are simply looking for a change there are many ways to do this. Having your hair cut or having your long hair washed and styled in a salon or at home is the simplest, least expensive and least damaging for your hair. It can make you feel good and be confidence boosting if you are going out for a special occasion or having a relaxing time with friends or a loved one at home.

Longer term or if you wish to make a more dramatic change to your hair there are some ways you can achieve this.

  • Perms which use chemicals to alter the structure in your hair so that it stays in the style that you have chosen for longer.
  • Hair straightening which uses formaldehyde to again break down the structure of your hair to make it straight and smooth.
  • Bleaching hair which is normally done before dyeing hair, especially if it has been dyed before. This process uses very strong chemicals and strips colour, proteins and nutrients from your hair leaving it dry and vulnerable.
  • Hair Dyeing is applied using ammonia and peroxide which forces the hair shaft open for the dye to enter the hair and thus changes its colour.

All these methods use chemicals which are foreign to your body, although you get the effect of changing your hair style or colour to what you want, be it temporarily, there will always be some permanent damage however small and for however long depending on each person.

Care for your hair – you will miss it once it goes

When I see a photo of myself the first thing I notice is the skin on the top of my head where I used to have flowing locks of hair. When I was younger it wasn’t a worry, I went through a time when I would go to the barbers shop and have a very close shaved head, maybe a couple of millimeters of hair left just to define the shape of where my hair grew. It was fashion, it was certainly easy maintenance and it didn’t need much brushing, well none actually. When I go to the barbers shop now and he asks what style I want, I say anything with a fringe.young man cutting his long blonde fringe

Yes I miss having a choice of how I want my hair cut, but all I can do now is take care of what I have left by feeding the remaining follicles taking care of my scalp and hair with natural coconut oil.

If you have a good head of hair, enjoy it for what it is. Enjoy the curls or straightness of it, be content with your hair colour because chemical colouring creates unnatural suffering for the hair shafts and follicles. Enjoy and take care of your hair because you will miss it when it starts to thin with age or from constantly being doused in chemical hair haired girl with long curled hair smiling

Natural coconut oil for a natural you

The best way for something to grow as nature intended is to feed it and take care of it in a natural way. Your body has evolved that way over many years to help protect you as you live each day now. Your hair protects you from the harmful suns rays and also helps keep your body heat regulated as you have very little fat under your scalp. Hair is a natural product made naturally from your body so the best way to keep it in tip-top condition is to take care of it, naturally.

You see people in these hot tropical countries with thick hair on their heads. It is not because they go the salon regularly, it is because they use natural products that grow naturally around them. They use coconut in most of their food, eat it raw, drink the coconut milk and make coconut oil to put on their heads. This protects them from the sun and keeps their hair strong and their scalp from burning in the heat.

We can learn from them to keep our hair healthy, strong and soft and our scalp skin supple. Using chemicals will make your hair dry and easily breakable and your scalp dry and flaky causing dandruff and damaged follicle resulting in thin hair and hair loss.

Now you understand the coconut oil benefits for hair I hope you will use it daily, and especially after washing your hair should give you strong healthy hair intosun shining through trees with fresh as nature logo in foreground your later years.

woman in front of mirror putting coconut oil on her hair

Coconut health benefits-more than just a fruit.

As a child, my first memories of coconut was the mushroom shaped candy covered with desiccated coconut. From there when I was older I remember buying a coconut with my pocket money just to see what was inside, when I shook it I could hear liquid splashing around. How did it get in there? but then, how do I get it out?

I resorted to throwing it against a wall until it cracked and the milky white liquid leaked out, after drinking what was left of that I tucked into the white coconut inside. I didn’t understand the coconut health benefits then, it just tasted nice.

Jumping forward many years and I ended up in Thailand with a friend, met a pretty girl at the airport in Bangkok and she became my wife. I went to her home in the country to meet with her family and was amazed how everything they eat is grown fresh in the garden or bought at the local market.

One evening I smelt this lovely aroma of warm coconut. I traced the aroma to a large pot on the gas stove where my mother-in-law was stirring the coconut that she had shredded and was warming it to extract the oil. This oil, once cooled, they rub over their bodies to keep their skin smooth and soft.

From then, I started to realize the coconut health benefits of what I first thought was just food.

Coconut oil-traditional method to make your own skin food.

My mother-in-law offered to show me how she made the coconut oil, and as I have such an inquisitive mind, I jumped at the chance. What could be better, making natural coconut oil in a natural environment pure heaven!

First trip was to the local market on the back of the motorbike, no helmets, just the wind in my hair, well the bits at the sides over my ears, you get the coconut and open brown coconut

As we had a coconut tree in our garden I did question why we were going to the market and not use the green coconuts that were growing. They were young coconuts and not yet ripe enough for making coconut oil. The best coconuts are those with brown hairy shells and you can hear the milk splashing around inside when shaken.

Upon our return to our home we gave the coconuts to my mother-in-law. The best way to open the coconuts is to tap around the circumference with a large heavy knife. Not the sharp edge, the back will do just fine. Now my mother-in-law is a dab hand with a large meat cleaver, much respect given !! She tapped around the shell and broke it over a bowl catching the milk to drink later.

She sat on this stool, like a long milking stool and on one end sticking out was a half round stainless steel scraper. The coconut flesh is scraped from inside the coconut shell using this. Once all the grated coconut meat was in the bowl she added some warm water and put it on a low heat. This is where I smelt the warm coconut aroma before. The idea is that the water evaporates and the coconut flesh shrinks and separates from the oil.ccoconut cooking in a pan

Once it is allowed to cool the liquid is put through a strainer to separate the oil from the coconut flesh. The oil is then put into a jar and goes hard like candle wax, but once you scoop some out it goes to a liquid just with the warmth of your hands and is ready to rub into your skin, easy and natural.solid white coconut oil

Coconut flesh that is left after straining out the oil can be dried out and ground down to makecoconut flour falling onto a wooden spoon coconut flour.walking on upturned coconut shells for feet massage


The shells are also used, the edges are smoothed off and used as bowls for drinking or even as foot massages. You just put them on the ground and place your bare foot on the round outer edge and roll your foot around applying as much pressure as  comfortable.

You can see that nothing is wasted, living with nature, in a natural environment.

Coconut oil- in its purest form

The method my mother-in-law uses to extract coconut oil uses heat, which although successfully separates the oil and is very natural, as in no additives, is not the purest way to do it. It is only made for the family to use and has been made this way for as long as she can remember.

There is a more pure method to extract the oil from a coconut and this is called the cold press method.

Start off the same with a brown hairy coconut. Break it open, save and consume the milk, then either grate off the flesh or break it out from the shell and chop it up. Now it is put into a blender, add some cool water and blend it all together.coconut milk in a blender

Get a large bowl and a muslin cloth or similar, scoop some mixture into the cloth, not too much as you are going to be squeezing the ball of mixture in the cloth to extract the coconut milk. Keep squeezing until all the milk has been drained from the mixture. You can keep whatever mixture is left add some more water, blend and squeeze again.squeezing coconut milk in muslin cloth

Now you have coconut milk which is great in curries and in Thai desserts like mango and coconut rice, but that’s a whole other story.

Back to our original destination that is pure coconut oil. Now that we have our coconut milk in the bowl we will put foil or cling film over the top and leave for about 12-16 hours to ferment in a warm but not too hot room. The mixture will have separated in to three layers, solid oil on top, curds in the middle and water at the bottom.coconut showing the separated levels in a jarpouring coconut milk into glass jar

Coconut oil solidifies at a much warmer temperature than water so to make separating the three parts so much easier the bowl is put a cool environment, either the fridge for 6 hours or in the freezer for only 30 minutes. Remove this from the fridge or freezer and you will see the white pure solid coconut oil on the top layer and the water underneath. Break the solid oil away from the edge of the bowl and lift it out, the water can be poured away as it is no longer needed. Then as you turn it over you will see the curds on the under side of the solid oil. This can easily be scraped off as it is softer than solid oil and you can keep to use in cooking later. The solid oil can be broken up in to a bowl and left in a warm room to liquefy. Now you have your pure clear coconut oil.clear coconut oil in jar

Coconut oil-the different types available

If you go shopping for coconut oil you will be faced with a choice. Here I hope to help make that choice a little easier.

  1. Refined coconut oil is the process where the oil is heated to a very high heat to take out impurities. It has less flavour and smell to it. Ideally this oil would be used for cooking.
  2. Unrefined coconut oil is the purest coconut oil with a minimal amount of processing and no additives. This is the best oil for skin and hair but it can also be used in cooking. Unrefined coconut oil can also be found as pure, virgin or extra virgin, depending on the manufacturer’s extraction methods.
  3. Organic or non-organic basically refers to how the coconuts are grown. Organically grown coconuts are grown without the aid of pesticides or man made chemical fertilizers. These can be more expensive because the production costs and work involved is greater, but the end result is a more natural product.

Coconut products-what is available and what is good for you.

Coconut eaten raw is full of healthy vitamins and minerals that help boost the immune system, help with regular bowel movements. Keeps your skin hydrated, helps to control your weight, and full of proteins to keep your body healthy both inside and out.

Here in the west we tend not to sit around drinking the milk from a freshly cracked coconut or munch away on chunks of raw coconut flesh, so, many products have been created to help provide us with the benefits of a coconut rich diet, but in a form we are much more used to.

  • Coconut water is refreshing to re-hydrate you after some energetic exercise.
  • Coconut milk is delicious in dishes such as curries, soups, sauces, rice desserts, cakes and even ice cream.
  • Coconut oil, refined is great for cooking and coconut oil unrefined is also great for cooking but even better as a pure oil for your skin feeding it with nutrients, vitamins and good fats to keep you looking and feeling young and healthy.
  • Coconut shampoo is great for your hair, helping to strengthen it and also to feed your scalp and thus reducing dandruff.
  • Coconut toothpaste is soothing for your gums and helps to clean your teeth without stripping the enamel that is needed to keep your teeth strong.
  • Coconut balm for your lips keeps them soft and is so safe because it is edible with no additives just pure coconut.

In fact there are coconut products for just about any area of your body. Pure, natural and safe for both inside and outside your body.

Coconut-for a healthier you.

The coconut, not the most attractive fruit, just a hairy brown round ball. Open it up and inside is full of goodness,nutrients, vitamins and proteins that are just waiting to feed and soothe our bodies.

In many cultures around the world the coconut is used daily in cooking and in healing and protecting the body both inside and out.

In our westernized world we tend to stick more with the man made creams, potions and tablets for our health. The coconut does not come with a list of ingredients or a sell by date, it is just natural. We feel safer taking them than something that grows on a tree in a forest, it is just what we have grown up with.

But how healthy are we?

New products are being dreamt up every day with long chemical sounding names that promise so much. The coconut is not a new product, it has been grown and used as a food for both inside and outside the body for thousands of years. Asian countries have been using these same recipes and oils as they still do today.

Since the 1970s and 1980s factories in Hong Kong have been producing coconut based products for us in the western world to use.

Introduce coconut health benefits into your diet and into your body care rituals and see the  forest with fresh as nature logodifference it makes.
all generations of happy family together out for a walk