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Hi guys and welcome to Coconut Central, this is the place where I search, find and display for your convenience everything coconut.

Have you ever been searching for something online and find that after typing in the name of that product you have to wade through many products similar but not quite what you are looking for ? I found that, while looking for coconut based products for my Fresh as Nature website, so I decided to set up Coconut Central. Everything that is purely or mostly coconut will be added here as I find them to make your search for those healthy, nature fresh coconut products that much easier for you to find.


We shall start at the beginning which, I am informed is a very good place to start.

As fresh and as satisfying it is to make my own coconut oil to protect and to take care of my skin, I find, and I guess many of you will agree is that there is not always time available to do this.

When I go to see my wife’s family in rural Thailand, it is as if time slows down and everything is made from scratch using everything from the natural world around them. I have used coconut oil for many years before, but from a jar, when I saw it made in front of my eyes it made me realise how such an ugly brown ball can be so helpful to me.

In order to stay healthy when I am at home in the United Kingdom I buy coconut oil in jars. I search for the coconut oil that is the purest most natural product that I can buy.

Kiki Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil

a jar of pure coconut oil

The manufacturer of this coconut oil only uses coconuts that are grown in organic soil. No chemicals to make them grow quicker or bigger and no pesticides. They are grown letting nature take its course giving you a jar of the purest that nature can offer.

Now is the time to start your beauty treatment by building the foundation, that is great skin. Natural Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil can be the start to a more healthy future, but you need to start sometime, why not today.

The benefits are not just limited to your skin or your hair, as it is 100% natural it can be eaten too. You can use it in your cooking so you can be healthy inside too. Clicking on the jar will take you to the website where you can order and have it delivered to your door ready for the start of a healthy future. Stay Healthy!!!!

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Tiana Organic and Fair Trade Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

(“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”)

Dry skin can be a problem for most of us at sometime in our lives. Stress, worry, tight clothes, even walking boots can cause the oils in our skin to be depleted allowing the skin to dry out and cause unpleasant, sometimes untouchable areas on the body. In the cold winter months my nose runs and I am constantly wiping it. This causes the end of my nose to get sore and red making me look like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, quite seasonal but embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Applying coconut oil to the end of my nose helps to soften the hard dry skin and protects it while I am out in the cold winter air, and eventually my nose returns to normal. This Tiana Pure Virgin Coconut Oil comes in a very presentable 100ml jar which would look great on any bathroom shelf. It is very smooth to apply to dry sore skin as it is especially produced for your dry skin areas.

Tiana produce and distribute coconut oil that comes from coconuts grown on small family farms in the Philippines. By paying the farmers fairly for their coconuts which they grow exclusively for this company, they can be sure of top quality produce to make the best coconut oil for you to use to keep your body healthy. Fair Trade is a way of keeping these small family farms working by paying them a fair price for their produce so that they can afford to live and work comfortably.

To save you searching around for this product just click on the picture or highlighted words and you will be taken to Amazon where this product is available to purchase and be delivered to your home. Treat yourself, treat your body, you know you deserve it.


Tiana Organic and Fair Trade Argan Fresh Coconut Oil

(“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”)

In the U.K. we have a very varied climate from the freezing cold winter weather to the hot summers, normally. This fairly dramatic change in temperatures can affect our hair. My hair is fairly thin in places, well quite alot of places actually so my scalp can especially be affected by the windy wet icy weather and also the scorching hot sun.

In order to protect my scalp which in turn helps to keep my hair follicles strong I use coconut oil. This helps to keep my scalp skin protected and stops it from drying out too much. This can then help promote hair growth and produce stronger and thicker strands. Another oil that is great for hair care is argan oil which is used alot in shampoos and conditioners.

Coconut oil alone is very affective and the same can be said for argan oil but put them together and you have a great harmonization of oils to keep your hair and scalp in tip-top condition.

Tiana Argan Fresh Coconut Oil is created to give your hair and head the best protection and care whatever the weather. After washing and conditioning your hair just massage a small amount into your scalp and let your hair slide through your fingers coating each strand in a combination of these natural oils. Your hair will feel and look more shiny and healthy.

To save you searching around for where to buy this product just click on the picture or highlighted words and you will be taken straight to Amazon where you can order it and have it delivered straight to your door.

jar of tiana argan fresh coconut oil


You want the best for your hair naturally, so invest in the best natural hair care.

Tiana Organic and Fair Trade Rose Fresh Coconut

(“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”)

When I look in the mirror, which I try to do as infrequently as possible. I see the creases in my expanse of forehead, the hairline being somewhere over the horizon. I see the smile lines extending from the outside corner of my eyes to somewhere
under the arms of my glasses. The deep folds from the corner of my mouth to either side of my chin. I know, I sound like a handsome chap don’t I?. In all these lines, creases and folds that make up my more mature facial features lies years of wisdom and experience that youthful faces have yet to learn.

Growing older is a natural process that is central to every living being, so in order to slow down the ageing process should be, in my opinion, done in a natural way using natural products fresh from nature. Coconut oil is central to maintaining your skin both outside, through regular use of oil on your skin, and inside using coconut products in your cooking.

An excellent though expensive oil to help slow down and maybe slightly reverse the ageing process is called rose oil. It is made from rose petals, and as rose petals are very delicate, it is a very involved procedure to extract the oil. Rose oil can help re-balance skin tone and help with reducing ageing lines on the face.

Rose oil can be bought as an essential oil but it is not safe to put directly onto the skin which is why mixing with a good carrier oil necessary. For natural skin care the benefits of c

tiana organic and fair trade rose fresh coconut jar

oconut oil mixed with rose oil sound like a terrific combination for your skin.

Tiana Organic and Fair Trade Rose Fresh Coconut is made specifically with ageing skin in mind. Use a finger tip amount massaged gently into your face in the evening before bed and in the morning before you start your day will have you feeling and looking more youthful.

A great investment into a naturally youthful future for you.

Tiana Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

( ” As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying Purchases ” )

Personally I use coconut oil almost everyday after I shower, that way I know as well as feeding my body with a meal I am also feeding my skin with nutrients so that it can remain healthy. Another reason is that it feels so smooth when I rub in my hands and apply to my skin, and the smell is natural and easy on the nose.

I tend to buy the 500 ml jars which last me and my wife about a month before we start scraping the bottom of the jar and are ready to start a new one.

The Tiana Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is from a Fair Trade company which is what encourages me to buy from them. Good for the coconut farmers in the Phillipines, good for their families, good for the environment, being grown naturally, and then cold pressed using no heat to extract the coconut oil. Good for you having a natural product to keep you in tip top health.

Order here to have the healthy jar of coconut oil delivered direct to your door.












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