Coconut oil benefits for hair – hair today but gone tomorrow

I know the title is a bit of a cliche but it is true, hair will thin out with age both in men and women. This will happen due to the gradual natural decline in nutrients that feed the follicles that create hair growth. It is happening to me and it will probably happen to you. It is part of the aging process which we can just accept or try to slow down.

I became aware of the coconut oil benefits for hair when my wife suggested I put coconut oil on my scalp where my hair is thinnest, namely the crown After a few months she said my hair looked thicker and stronger than the few wisps I had before.thin haired man brushing his hair from top view

I don’t think it will give me the full head of hair I wish for but it will make the most out of what I have at this stage in my life. And what’s more my wife is happy, now, you can not put a price on that can you ?

Who influences your hair style ?

When I was knee-high to a grasshopper my hair style was influenced by pop stars of that era. I had a light mousy coloured hair that was parted along the top of my head and hung down over my ears to my collar and down the back of my head to my collar. If it didn’t touch my collar it wasn’t cool. I hated having my hair cut to a short back and sides during the school holidays, but that was the easiest and cheapest hair cut back then. The sound of that electric hair cutter and the site of my hair cascading to the floor and swept up into the dust pan, never to be seen again gave me many a nightmare.

My hair style was influenced by a singer called Cliff Richard, he also had more hair back then. The girls at school were all sporting the big hair like Farrah Fawcett Majors or Sandy from Grease also known as Olivia Newton John. I also at one stage wanted to dye my hair black like Danny on Grease but that was a whole different era of my growing up. Nowadays whether I like it or not I sport a hair style more like Phil Collins, but I do save a fortune on shampoo.

How to the get the “perfect” ? hair

Hair styles are influenced mostly by people we see on television, in magazines, in movies, and now more than ever on the internet. These people spend alot of money and many hours in the stylists chairs to look just right for the cameras because their face and hair are their brand. That is how they earn a living.

Just as people are not all the same body shape, size or colour, it is the same for hair. Each strand of hair comes from a follicle in your scalp and dependent on your parents and how much eumelanin, pheumelanin, proteins and minerals you have in each strand, dictates on your hair colour and style. You could have thin, thick, dry, oily, curly, straight, frizzy or anymore that I might have missed, but I think you pretty much get the picture.

Many people are not happy with their hair. It is either too long or too short, too curly or too straight, or even not a colour that they are content with. There are many salons that can make your hair just the way you want it, and also there are many lotions and potions that you can buy over the counter and try at home. Most of these contain chemicals that can give you the colour or style you want, but only temporarily!

Picture perfect hair – but at a price

If you are not happy with your hair or are simply looking for a change there are many ways to do this. Having your hair cut or having your long hair washed and styled in a salon or at home is the simplest, least expensive and least damaging for your hair. It can make you feel good and be confidence boosting if you are going out for a special occasion or having a relaxing time with friends or a loved one at home.

Longer term or if you wish to make a more dramatic change to your hair there are some ways you can achieve this.

  • Perms which use chemicals to alter the structure in your hair so that it stays in the style that you have chosen for longer.
  • Hair straightening which uses formaldehyde to again break down the structure of your hair to make it straight and smooth.
  • Bleaching hair which is normally done before dyeing hair, especially if it has been dyed before. This process uses very strong chemicals and strips colour, proteins and nutrients from your hair leaving it dry and vulnerable.
  • Hair Dyeing is applied using ammonia and peroxide which forces the hair shaft open for the dye to enter the hair and thus changes its colour.

All these methods use chemicals which are foreign to your body, although you get the effect of changing your hair style or colour to what you want, be it temporarily, there will always be some permanent damage however small and for however long depending on each person.

Care for your hair – you will miss it once it goes

When I see a photo of myself the first thing I notice is the skin on the top of my head where I used to have flowing locks of hair. When I was younger it wasn’t a worry, I went through a time when I would go to the barbers shop and have a very close shaved head, maybe a couple of millimeters of hair left just to define the shape of where my hair grew. It was fashion, it was certainly easy maintenance and it didn’t need much brushing, well none actually. When I go to the barbers shop now and he asks what style I want, I say anything with a fringe.young man cutting his long blonde fringe

Yes I miss having a choice of how I want my hair cut, but all I can do now is take care of what I have left by feeding the remaining follicles taking care of my scalp and hair with natural coconut oil.

If you have a good head of hair, enjoy it for what it is. Enjoy the curls or straightness of it, be content with your hair colour because chemical colouring creates unnatural suffering for the hair shafts and follicles. Enjoy and take care of your hair because you will miss it when it starts to thin with age or from constantly being doused in chemical hair haired girl with long curled hair smiling

Natural coconut oil for a natural you

The best way for something to grow as nature intended is to feed it and take care of it in a natural way. Your body has evolved that way over many years to help protect you as you live each day now. Your hair protects you from the harmful suns rays and also helps keep your body heat regulated as you have very little fat under your scalp. Hair is a natural product made naturally from your body so the best way to keep it in tip-top condition is to take care of it, naturally.

You see people in these hot tropical countries with thick hair on their heads. It is not because they go the salon regularly, it is because they use natural products that grow naturally around them. They use coconut in most of their food, eat it raw, drink the coconut milk and make coconut oil to put on their heads. This protects them from the sun and keeps their hair strong and their scalp from burning in the heat.

We can learn from them to keep our hair healthy, strong and soft and our scalp skin supple. Using chemicals will make your hair dry and easily breakable and your scalp dry and flaky causing dandruff and damaged follicle resulting in thin hair and hair loss.

Now you understand the coconut oil benefits for hair I hope you will use it daily, and especially after washing your hair should give you strong healthy hair intosun shining through trees with fresh as nature logo in foreground your later years.

woman in front of mirror putting coconut oil on her hair

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