Coconut oil for the face – natural oil for your natural face

peoples facesYour face is the most prominent feature of your body. When you wrap up against the cold it is the part of your body that you keep uncovered so that you can see and you can breathe. It is the part of you that most people see when they meet you either face to face or even online. It is on your passport, your driving licence and any other identity documents that you may need for work or in your daily lives.

For this reason it is vital that you take care of it. I know you can put on make up and many types and brands of creams,serums and lotions, but, are these good for your skin. Maybe they look good for a while until you wash them off at the end of the day.

Your face is a natural thing, created of skin and bone and is best taken care of in a natural way with a natural product. There is nothing more natural than pure coconut oil for the face. Not only is it smooth and comforting to put on but it also feeds your face skin, helping keep moisture in and helping top up collagen levels which start to deplete as you get older. If you wear make-up did you know that you can also use coconut oil to remove it safely and naturally?. It softens the eye shadow and the concealers and you can gently wipe them away without too much harsh rubbing, and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and smells so nice and tropical too.

How to look more beautiful – naturally

I watch my wife, when I suggest going out for a meal or drink somewhere, sitting in front of the mirror on her dressing table with her rows of lipsticks, concealers and eye shadows. She just wants to look perfect and beautiful for me. To me she has a natural beauty that no amount of make-up could improve on.

Every hour of every day people look into their mirrors, not to see how beautiful or handsome they are but to look for flaws that they think other people will notice. I tell my wife everyday how beautiful she is because to me she is. Other people may not agree because everyone has different views on what makes a person attractive. My wife says I am handsome, I don’t see handsome when I look in the mirror, passable but not handsome, but as she is my wife and she loves me I trust her judgement on that. After all what does it matter what anybody else thinks, as long as I am healthy.

How to be more beautiful seems to be most people’s goal, but I believe beauty starts way down in your soul. You do not need make up to be beautiful, just a smile from your heart that is all.

When you smile, it not only makes you more beautiful, but also brightens your soul and all those around you that see it.

How everyday living can affect your face skin

A smile can make you more beautiful, but it will not protect you from the elements in the air around you.Your face has natural oil, as does the rest of your body, but as it is the part of your body that you are least likely to cover I think a little help might be necessary.

In the summer you have the hot Ultra Violet rays from the sun that can dry out your skin and in winter you have the cold icy wind that can also dry out your skin, but in a more abrasive way. You also have air pollution from vehicles particularly if you live or work in a city or busy town area. Air conditioners which although keep you cool in summer and warm in winter can dry out your skin, try sleeping in a room near an air conditioner that is switched on, and in the morning your throat will feel dry and sore because the air has dried it out. I know first hand how that feels, so what does it do to your face.

I am sure now if you think of your world around you both at work and at home you can see how modern ways of living, working and travelling around can damage your skin, particularly your uncovered face.

Coconut oil for the face – easily forgotten in our time critical lives

As you know children will always copy their parents in many aspects of their lives. I remember watching my wife’s youngchild learning to wash hands with mother nephews and nieces watching her put coconut oil her face in the morning to protect her from the sun when we were staying at the family home in rural Thailand. She put some oil on each of their hands and showed them how to put it all over the faces. Watching them try to copy her was always fun as they smeared it over their foreheads down the bridges of their noses over their cheeks and a quick rub across the chin before they got bored with this and run off to play.

I will add that children tend to put anything in their mouths, and as coconut oil is as good for the body internally as externally we had no worries with them putting their fingers into their mouths after putting on the coconut oil. That is not something I would allow children to do with most other oils and creams.

I guess in our time critical world we rush to get ready for work, half drinking our coffee because it is too hot to take time to drink properly. One arm in the coat and the other clutching a piece of toast which is supposed to be our breakfast. The last thing we would worry about is putting oil or protective cream onto our faces properly, as we would be thinking about what we need to do at work or about getting the train or bus on time or the route in our cars to beat the rush hour traffic. A bit like the children who quickly smear the oil on their faces so that they can go and play, I guess you would quickly smear the oil over your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin so that your face is protected before you head out into the world.

Coconut oil for the face – don’t forget behind your ears

That is better than nothing, but I just want to outline the importance of the little areas you miss and what long term results of missing these areas could have on your face.

1. We will start at the top with your forehead. They come in different sizes depending on where your forehead stops and your fringe starts or used to start as in my case. Foreheads take the brunt of wind and sun damage because when you put your face down to shelter it your forehead is still exposed unless of course you wear a hat, but the sun can still heat up the air under your hat causing the skin to dry. Coconut oil is the most natural oil to use to protect this area as it protects not just the surface of the skin with its natural UV protection but also feeds down into it holding in moisture and collagen. In hot countries coconut oil is put over the head and face to protect them from the heat as many people do not have a local pharmacy or supermarket where they can buy sunscreen.

When you apply the coconut oil rub across the forehead from the hair line to the eyebrows and around to hair at the sides ofman massaging his forehead your head, be it sideburns or just the natural line of your hair. It doesn’t matter if it gets into your hair because it is good for your hair too.


2. Most people tend not to be happy with their nose. It is too big, too small, curves out too much or not enough. My wife has a pretty little nose that has a ski slope curve and a cute bud on the end, but she is not happy. She said the end of her nose is wide, she would like a nose like mine. Almost straight down, red thread veins on the end and a slight swerve to the right where I broke it many years back, but to her it is perfect. The main thing is I can breath through it and smell through it, and it also is a great resting place for my glasses. The nose is a part of your body that usually does not show too much ageing but I know from experience how uncomfortable it can become wearing glasseswomen massaging the sides of her nose on sore dry skin nose.

To take care of your nose which is a relatively exposed part of your face rub the coconut oil down the bridge of your nose and then down either side and then finish up around the bud around and just into the each nostril. The nostril is a busy high traffic area with breathing air in and out, maybe cold polluted air in and used air back out. You don’t need to go too far into the nostril, but just the area you can see in the mirror.

3. Eyes are very important too us, not only do we see with them but they can convey words or emotions without actually saying anything. Raised eyebrows, eyes widened, eyes narrowed can all give us a message of how a person is feeling. Eyes do change with ageing but there are no oils or creams that can prevent this, apart from glasses or contact lenses, or even an eye wash if your eyes feel sore and dry. What I want to focus on is the area around the eyes. The sensitive eyelids which can become dry and aged with eye shadows and other make-ups, and also wind and sun. The areas around the sides of the eyes which can dry out  and crease into what is known as crows feet, due to the shape of the lines. Not forgetting under  the eyes which can dry out and result in eye bags.woman massaging under her eyewoman putting oil on her upper eyelid

To take care of the areas around the eyes, it is a gentle procedure with light rubbing when you apply the coconut oil, as the skin is thin and delicate and can be easily damaged. Once you have applied the coconut oil to your nose smear a small amount over each eyelid making sure you get into the corners, but gently. Slide your fingers down your nose a little way and sweep under each eye to the far side and over the crows feet area sweeping back towards your ears. Take a little time to do that everyday and you will preserve the skin area around your eyes keeping you looking younger and healthier.

4.  Your cheeks are another part of your face that is open to sun and wind damage. Fortunately your skin contains a lot of fatty tissue which can keep your skin moisturized and free from ageing lines. These occur further down near the sides of your mouth. My cheeks can burn and go red in direct sun and also in a cold abrasive wind but they are pretty easy to smooth oil into so are easily taken care of.woman massaging her cheeks

To take care of your cheeks apply oil by massaging the cheeks upwards over the cheek bones then fan around and down just grazing your ears. This should help prevent cheeks from sagging too much creating jowls. The cheeks pretty much stop where the jaw bone is, from then on it is your neck

5. You might be surprised that I am mentioning your mouth to take care of with coconut oil. This area includes the upper lip to the bottom of your nose. The smile lines that run from the bottom corners of your nose to the sides of your mouth, and from your bottom lip to your jaw line.

The upper lip area is not normally a dry area and sometimes even sports a moustache that will protect it. When I get a cold and my nose runs, I am constantly rubbing it to clear the dripping. This can cause dryness and soreness. Moustache hair will also benefit from a bit of care, keeping it strong and smooth. The lines at the sides of the mouth that becomeman applying oil to his beard more prominent when you smile can be difficult to avoid as you age but you can reduce the effect with moisturising and nourishing the skin there. The area under your bottom lip is again not a big problem but can be subject to spots if not taken care of. This area may also be covered with a beard which can be taken care of to make the beard hair strong and smooth. The lips, yes the lips can get dry and can crack sometimes from the affects of sun and cold harsh wind. When I was younger I used to do a milk round, so I was out at the crack of dawn in all weathers. When it was very cold my lips would dry, and when I smile they would crack and be sore when I drunk a hot tea or ate something. If only I knew then what I know now.women rubbing oil into her lips

To take care of the mouth area first put some oil on each index finger, that’s the one you point with. Then smooth it on at the bottom of your nose, across to your smile lines or that area. Curve down to the sides of your mouth then bring your fingers together under your bottom lip smoothing on the coconut oil as you go. You can use whichever hand to smooth into the rest of your chin and into your beard if you have one. For your lips, just smooth along them using your finger as you would a lip balm, only this lip balm is a natural oil that tastes nice too. Soft smooth tasty lips for kissing, you are on to a winner.

6.  Your neck is a soft sensitive area that can be covered in the winter so is not subject to abrasive biting cold winds but can be exposed in the summer to UV rays. If not taken care of it can also be one of the first things to give away your age. Due to the amount of movement a neck has to undertake it can get dry and start showing lines and wrinkles quite easily. Wearing a collar and tie, or even a scarf can cause irritation,dryness and soreness. All this can add to the lines and wrinkles eventually becoming prominent.

woman massaging her neck

To take care of your neck put some oil onto one hand, tilt your head back and from your collar bone smooth the oil into your neck. Make sure you have oil on both hands now and smooth the oil from the front of your neck around to the back making sure you cover all the way around your neck until your fingers touch at the back. With the oil on your neck do the same movements again giving your neck a massage showing it some love for the work it does keeping your head moving day after day.


7.    Finally we come to your ears, sometimes they can be forgotten about tucked away around the side of your head away from the other parts of your face. They are of course equally important as they help us to understand when people are talking to us and to avoid danger. Another use they have is to help us keep our balance when we are standing, walking or running.

I used to have problems with wax build up in my ears and would regularly have to get them cleaned out. At first I didn’t notice my hearing getting less until noises became muffles. After having the wax removed, or in later years removing the wax myself, I would have to sit down as my ears had become unbalanced with sound due to compensating for the wax build up. I then understood how important my ears are.

Ears can be scorched by direct sun or can get sore in an abrasive cold harsh wind, but they do tend to heal fairly quickly. Your ears don’t tend to get wrinkles or lines other than the curves they already have so they don’t take a lot of maintenance.  When I was younger I had long hair that reached my collar and so covered my ears. It was the fashion back then, but my ears  were protected from the sun and the cold wind. Nowadays I am lucky now if my hair even touches the very tip of my ear, so I have to take more care when I go massaging his ears

To take care of your ears just put some coconut oil on your thumb and index finger and smooth all around the outside of your ear and also make sure you smooth some into the skin immediately behind your ear up to your hair line. This is particularly important if you wear glasses as this can be a sore point especially in hot climates where you can get a bit sweaty.

putting coconut oil into the ear

Coconut oil is a natural anti-biotic so it is great at clearing infections so is safe and helpful if you have a sometimes uncomfortable inner ear infection. Make sure the oil is in fluid form by warming it a little but not too hot, about body temperature is ideal. It is better if someone can help you with this, tilt the head to one side and put 2 or 3 drops into the ear then turn the head the other way to keep the oil in. Allow time for the oil to soothe into the ear, as long as possible then drain out any excess to avoid getting onto clothes or your pillow. Do this 2 times a day for about a week and the infection should be clear. If not you will maybe need to see a doctor.

Benefits of coconut oil on the face

It is natural and it is safe, no additives, just pure oil created inside the coconut as it has been for thousands of years. The methods of extracting the oil have been modified and improved to keep up with modern day living, but the oil is as pure as it was way back then.

No additives means no foreign substances for the body to have to break down and dispose of and is just as safe inside as outside the body.

Using coconut oil on your face as protection from the sun and wind, as a make up remover, as a treat for skin to keep it hydrated and topped up with minerals and also as a natural anti-biotic oil to help clear infections naturally, can only benefit your body with daily use before or after work or play. It doesn’t take long to apply, but the benefits can last a lifetime.

Coconut oil, one oil with a multitude of uses for your face and beyond.

Take care of your skin and your skin will take care of you.sun breaking through the green trees and shining on the fresh as nature logo


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