How is massage good for you

woman having massageMy initial understanding of massage was a treatment for pulled muscles like in sports, or an ache in your shoulders or neck due to overworking that part of your body. I have read many books over the years and watched DVDs and began to realise not just your body, but also your mind and your whole well-being can benefit from a good regular massage.

The origins of massage go back thousands of years with many diagrams, papers and books showing chakras, meridianblack background with alot of words about chakras points and other various pressure points around the body. I have had massages from people that just wave their hands over the body to some deep tissue pressure point massages, particularly around my neck and shoulders primarily because I drive alot.

Here I just want to give you an overview of how massage is good for you, keeping it simple yet informative. Firstly massage should never be performed on a person with bone fractures, with unhealed cuts or grazes or sore skin conditions as with massage you are making contact with the skin and moving the skin around to treat the muscles and ligaments just under the skin. If you are being treated for any condition by a doctor it may be best to talk with them first to check that a massage would benefit you rather than make your problem worse. By now, you maybe thinking what are the benefits of massage for me? Well read on and see what massage can do for your body.


What are the benefits of massage for mewoman tapping rubber treepeople planting rice in field

My wife and I regularly massage each other. After a long day at work or if feeling a bit under the weather there is nothing better than a massage to make you feel relaxed and then energized. In Thailand, where my wife was born, it is not uncommon to see family members massaging each other, particularly in the farming areas where after a long day working the rice fields, or tapping the rubber trees the muscles ache and the bones are creaking. They sit together and chat and the children walk on the adults backs as they lay face down on the bamboo mats. The adults use their feet to massage as well but stand at the side of the person and apply pressure with just one foot at a time. It has been this way for as long as my wife and even her mother can remember.person being massaged by standing on them

I remember on one of my earlier visits to Thailand, to spend some time with my wife, we were walking around a night market not far from our apartment. Earlier in the evening I had eaten some fried chicken from a street stall, you find them everywhere in the towns and cities. I started to feel sick but I thought it would clear so I carried on strolling past clothes and lots of food stalls where the smells are delicious, but to a person feeling sick, not so good!. Once outside the market I grabbed an empty carrier bag my wife holding and was sick. We walked back to the apartment and while my wife went out to the local, ‘ 7/11’ store to get something to settle my stomach, I was laid on the bed and my mother-in-law was massaging my feet. Now I didn’t speak much Thai and my she didn’t speak much English, but she was showing me which areas of the feet correspond to which areas of the body as she was massaging them. I drifted off to sleep in no time and the next day felt great. This was one time I learned about the benefits of massage to a foot massage

What is a good oil for massage.

shelves of oil in supermarket

Massaging the body can encourage the body to heal itself. Moving the skin around helps encourage blood flow and pressure over and around muscles helps to clear toxins that can get trapped and cause discomfort. I know from experience that skin to skin contact can cause friction which can lead to the skin becoming sore. A good way to prevent this is to use an oil. There are many oils on the market that vary in consistency from the very thick sticky ones to the thin runny ones and also to how they smell.

In this environmentally conscious world we now live in it is becoming fashionable to use organic natural oils. In my opinion, nothing is better than using an organic natural oil while having a totally organic natural form of healing for my body. The most organic and natural oil that is also safe in all areas of the body is coconut oil, that is organic virgin coconut oil. I have tried many oils on my body over time, but nothing feels and smells as good as coconut oil. It is like bathing in a hot spring coming from natural mother earth, the smells and feel are createdperson bathing in a hot natural spring with mountains in the distance naturally not man made.

How can I give myself a massage

For some people, the idea of someone touching them can be off-putting when thinking about massage. This can be for a variety of reasons, but all is not lost because you can massage yourself. There are many benefits to this because it doesn’t involve anybody else, so you don’t have to book an appointment, it doesn’t cost much, just the oil. You don’t have the embarrassment of removing too many clothes or trying to keep your towel covering the bits you don’t want to expose. The most important part is you know where to massage and how much pressure feels right for you.

shelves full of books

There are many books, DVD, YouTube videos and also oral websites that can describe to you how to best massage different areas of your body.

A self massage can take as little as 10 minutes to … long as you like, just remember to use some coconut oil, too much friction can leave you feeling sore.

Starting at your scalp with your hands cupped over your head and using your fingers, thumbs near your ears apply pressure and move your scalp around a little. Feels good doesn’t it, I hope you are doing this with me?. Like I said it can take as little as 10 minutes and the benefits far out way the effort.

Move your fingers down over your forehead and massage there too. Great for helping relieve afour people showing different ways to massage your face headache. Gently massage around your eyes, over your cheeks, not forgetting to move to the centre and massage around the nose bone. Now with your fore finger and thumb placed on either cheek gently squeeze towards the centre of your top lip and pull gently forwards scrunching your top lip just below your nose. Using the same fore finger and thumb start at the centre of your chin and push out into each cheek. With both hands now one on each cheek push back up towards your ears until you cup your ears between two of yourpeople showing different neck massages fingers, then give them a little pull as you bring your hands back down to your neck. With one hand cup your neck and move your hand up and down your neck using as much pressure as you feel is comfortable. Put both hands now around the back of your neck and link the fingers together and pull forward again using as much pressure as you want.

You have now completed a head and face massage, it doesn’t take long, can be done almost anywhere and hopefully you are feeling energized. Now you can use that energy to massage the rest of your body. Starting at the chest either gently smooth, grip or press, down your stomach then smooth your arms around to your back and massage there. Then back up to your neck and shoulders then down each arm to your hands. Then down to your bottom, your legs back and front and finally to your feet. Like I said before there are many books, DVD andwoman holding out a glass of water as if to say cheers online videos that can guide you through self massage.

Congratulations you have given yourself a self massage, drink a glass of water now to help nature with cleaning out your body. Cheers!

What is the health benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil to me is one of the most natural of all the oils I have used. I find it is safe to use because it is edible, it is also very soft and lasts longer when massaging meaning you can take your time and not keep stopping to top up your hands with more oil once they go dry. The minerals and vitamins, lauric acid and its antibacterial properties are great for massage because not only does it help your hands slide across the skin but it also feeds the skin and cleans it of any bacteria promoting natural new skin growth.

Coconut oil massage benefits

The natural benefits of a massage with natural coconut oil are that you receive the best of nature without anything man made. The natural coconut oil smoothed into the skin during a massage is probably one of the most natural and Eco friendly ways to become and stay healthy.fresh as nature logo

Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

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