How to use coconut oil on the skin

coconut being poured onto a handCoconut oil is one of the most natural and safest oils around that you can use on your body.

Natural, because it comes direct from the flesh of the coconut with no additives to make it safe and useable. Water is used to soften the shredded flesh of the coconut so the oil can be squeezed out, then allowed to stand and separate leaving you with pure coconut oil.

Safe, because once you have finished applying it all over your skin you can lick your fingers because it is edible, even in its raw natural state.

When you buy a jar of pure natural coconut oil, you will notice that it is solid like candle wax. How do you apply this solidjar of coconut oil extra virgin waxy substance to your skin ?. The secret is, coconut oil turns into a candle wax substance at just under 24 degrees. The trick is to scoop out the white wax and rub it between your hands and the coconut wax will turn into a clear pleasant smelling oil before your eyes and nose, that can now be easily applied to your body.

Start at the top of your body or start at the bottom is purely a personal preference. I do both depending on how I am feeling that day. The end result will be the same, silky smooth and great smelling skin. That is how to use coconut oil on the skin, so start today for great smelling, great feeling natural healthy skin.

Coconut oil good for your body

Now you know how to get the waxy coconut into a smooth clear oil that can be easily be applied all over your body just by placing between your hands, the next thought will be if it is good for your body.

The process to extract the oil just involves water to soften the flesh to allow the oil to separate from the coconut flesh. Aftercoconut oil in wax form on a wooden spoon standing for about 24 hours the water separates from the oil and is tipped away, leaving the white waxy coconut fat.

Many essential oils that you can use on your body to smell nice or to help keep your body healthy need a carrier oil such as castor oil before you can apply to your body. The essential oils like rose oil for instance, can not be applied directly to your skin, they will burn, so they are diluted into the carrier oil before applying to your skin. Also, most of these oils are for external use only, you cannot eat them.

Coconut oil can be applied to your directly to your skin as it is safe to do so, and can also be eaten. You can use it in cooking or spread it on bread as you would with butter. It is a totally all round safe and natural product which is why I am such a fan of this brown furry ball of goodness.coconut with what looks like two eyes and a smile

Coconut benefits for the body

Coconut milk, chunks of coconut flesh and coconut oil can all come from the same coconut and have many benefits both inside and outside the body.

The saturated fats found in coconut oil can feed your skin and keep it feeling and looking youthful, it is particularly beneficial on your scalp and for your hair follicles which can in turn promote stronger and thicker hair growth. The oil itself can also be a great sun protection. In hotter climates, particularly in the more remote areas, coconut oil is the only sun protection that is available and has been used this way for thousands of years.

The coconut has anti microbial properties which are particularly helpful in keeping all areas if your mouth healthy. Lauric acid, which is abundant in coconuts is very beneficial to your heart, keeping it strong and healthy.

Is coconut oil safe for breast feeding

Breast feeding is a natural process for feeding infants. The milk in the breast contains the necessary fats, vitamins and minerals that a child needs in the first years of their lives. As wonderful and natural as it is, it baby breastfeedingcan also be painful because with all that sucking the nipples can become sore, which can make wearing a bra also uncomfortable. There are many oils and creams you can buy to sooth and ease the soreness but most of these contain chemicals and other things that I would worry about a baby digesting even in minute amounts.

Babies when they are born are very vulnerable and need to build up an immunity to many harmful things in the world around them. Breast milk is the most natural protection that can help them get a good start in life. When considering what to put on your sore nipples, you have to consider that this is what goes into your babies mouth. Coconut oil is a soothing oil that can help to keep your nipples in good health and is also safe for your baby as it is natural and edible.

Is coconut oil safe for sex

Sex is a natural process that is necessary to keep the human race stocked up. The next generation of people that will keep the earth populated and someone younger and fitter to take care of us as we get older. Sex can also be an enjoyment of yours and possibly another persons body, or maybe more if you feel that would increase your fun.

My view of sex is the extension of my love for my wife. Exploring each other and finding new ways to fill each other with happiness, trust and relaxation.

For sex to be comfortable and enjoyable for both parties involved lubrication can make things go more smoothly, literally! There are many lubricants available that come in two basic forms, oil based and water based. Both have positive and negative arguments as to which is the best. Water based lubricants are better with condoms but dry out quicker, and oil based lubricants tend to break down the latex used to make condoms so can cause failure and a whole range of problems I am sure you are familiar with.

My focus here is ” Is coconut oil safe for sex”. Coconut oil is safe for the body both externally and internally, so if you want pure natural hot sex with someone you know and can trust, then pure natural virgin coconut oil is the best natural lubricant. It is beneficial for the health of your skin both the male and female genitals. It does not contain any chemicals thatpicture showing condom with a jar of coconut oil you would need to worry about going inside the vagina and, it tastes nice too. “Just Saying! “. As coconut oil is an oil based lubricant it is not recommended for use with condoms.

Can I use coconut oil all over my body

Coconut oil is a natural oil with no additives and contains everything good for the body. It can be put all over your body, from the hair on your head to the soles of your feet and all nooks and crannies in between. It can be good inside your mouth on your teeth and gums, and can be digested as a raw oil or cooked into your daily meals. All ages can benefit from this natural oil from babies to the elderly.

I find there is nothing better than after a shower scooping out a handful of the white coconut wax, rubbing it together between my hands to soften it into oil and smoothing over my body. Another tip I like is to put a teaspoon full of the white coconut wax into hot water, add some lemon squash stir it around, and then when it is cool enough drink it. Then lemon cleans your body as it goes through followed by the vitamin and mineral rich coconut oil to help heal and strengthen you.

Take care of your body, it is the only one you will get.person jumping with the sun setting over the ocean behind them

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