Natural remedies for dry hands

multi coloured hands

The reason you are reading this now is that your hands are feeling and possibly looking a bit tired, and you want some way to revive them. Lucky hands, because many people just carry on not thinking about how much work their hands do for thema pair of hard working dirty hands every day.

Lets just take a minute to look at your hands. Hold your hands up in front of your face and really look. See the fingers with their joints allowing you to grip things like door handles, car keys and your morning coffee.

They also have the ability to let you stroke your face just behind your ear bringing a tingling up your spine.

Look at the palm of your hand and think of the many things you pick up every day with a grip as strong or as gentle as you want.

The backs of your hands are probably the part that you use the least but can be the part that looks aged the easiest if notthe back of a hand looked after.

You can also feel how soft or rough a surface is just by smoothing the tip of your finger over it, you do this every day without really thinking about it, it is natural.

Welcome to your hands. You knew they were there but did you take the time to really look at them and appreciate them for what they are how much they contribute to your everyday lives.

Taking care of your hands should be as natural as you use them on a daily basis, so what better way than with natural remedies such as natural oils  from naturally grown sources.


Soft hands with coconut oil

Our hands are probably the most hardworking parts of our bodies. They are subject to hot conditions such as when washing up. They are subject to cold conditions such as when we play in the snow or scrape the ice off the car windows first thing in the morning before setting off for work. Hold, push, pull and all manner of things to help us get through the day.scraping ice from car window

All this work dries out our hands making them rough, sore and sometimes blisters if, like me you like to use spanners and screwdrivers.

Caring for your hands usually can mean a quick wash with some soap and put on some synthetic type cream. These can initially make your hands feel soft and smell nice but do not feed the skin naturally. Your hands are natural skin, created naturally, so why not put something natural on them that will harmonize with them and provide deep feeding and smoothing nutrition. Yes I said nutrition, the skin on your hands is part of you and is alive as much as you are. To stay healthy you eat healthy natural food so why not do the same for your hardworking hands, with natural oil from coconuts, healthy food for hands.

One of the most natural body friendly oils is coconut oil. It is healthy for your body both internally and externally. It feeds the skin leaving it smooth on the outside and helps keep the skin strong and healthy deeper down.

Younger looking hands naturally

Age can show more in some body areas than others. The face, of course, the neck and the back of your hands. You can put oil on your face and neck and just leave it to settle into the skin, but your hands are always doing something. They can be cooking, cleaning or even just operating the remote control.

So it is more important that you take care of them as often as possible with a regular covering of pure natural coconut oil.rubbing coconut oil into hands Take care of your hands so that they can better take care of you.

How to use coconut oil as a moisturizer

When I think about moisturizers, I tend to think of the many rows of pots of cream with many sometimes long unpronounceable ingredients that you see in large pharmacy shops or the skin care department of supermarkets.

Moisturizing is actually making something less dry, in this case your hands. You could try water but as your skin is waterproof, it would just stay on the skin surface and evaporate due to your body heat.

An oil such as natural coconut oil does not evaporate and will be absorbed into your hands and re-energise the skin cells to repair themselves and create new stronger cells. This will help keep your hands healthier and they will look and feel fresher and possibly more youthful.

Make it easy on your hands

Make a fist with your hand and feel the skin on the back, it will back stretched and strong. Relax your hand and now feel the skin on the back of your hand, it is more loose yes?two hands, one in fist other outstretched

If you have some rigger gloves like they use on a building site or even a pair of leather gloves. Put those on and make a fist again, feel how strong you have to pull your fingers back against the strong glove material. Do that a few times again your fingers and hands will begin to ache.

Dry skin on your hands can be a bit like the leather gloves, not so easy to stretch and hard work for your muscles and bone joints in your hands. Over a period of time this can lead to constantly aching fingers and limited movements of both the fingers and hands, as in making a fist or gripping a pen.

Keeping the skin moisturized with natural coconut oil will keep the skin more pliable and not make your joints and muscles in your hands work so hard to move. It is like wearing a leather glove compared to a silk glove, the freedom of movement is so much easier with the silk glove.

Take care of your hands and they will take care of you

Your hands are used in every aspect of your life from switching off the alarm clock in the morning to pulling the duvet over you as settle down to sleep in the evening. Just think for a minute how many times you use your hands throughout a normal day.

The elasticity of your skin on your hands plays a big part in keeping down the amount of strain on your bones and muscles to perform everyday tasks. Remember the leather glove compared to the silk glove comparison.

Taking care of your hands with some natural coconut oil every day will keep help keep your skin supple and make it easier to perform your daily tasks. Natural oils are more in harmony with your natural body and so are easier for the body to absorb and can relate better to the cells that make up your hands.

Taking care of your skin means less wear on your hands and a better and healthier you. many hands forming heart shape

Take care of your hands so they are in better shape to take of  you.sun breaking through the green trees and shining on the fresh as nature logo

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