Skin care routine for your legs

men's legs Have you ever taken the time to look at your legs. I don’t mean while you are walking or running you might trip over something or someone. I mean in the comfort of your home while sitting down. Well now is the time to appreciate them and the work they do in your everyday lives. A quick wash in the shower and dry with a towel is all the care most get because they are not seen too much especially in the cold winter months when they spend most of their time in trousers, leggings or tights. What you need is a skin care routine for your legs.

Coconut oil for legs

a man picking up a box from the floor by bending over it

Your legs are mostly made from bone, muscle and skin tissue. They are, some say the strongesta woman picking up a box from the floor by squatting and using her legs to push up part of your body, I recall from my manual handling tuition at work. “Don’t use your back to lift something, use your ” big engines “, to which they mean the legs. To give you a demonstration of what I mean, put a box on the floor. Now bend over and pick it up, it is possible right?. Now put the box back on the floor, this time keeping your back straight, squat down in front of the box, pick it up then stand up. That feels much easier doesn’t it? Pushing up with your legs like two strong hydraulic rams is better than trusting your spine to pull up at an angle.

Now that you have much more appreciation for your legs it is time to think of how to take care of them. There are many creams that you can use on your body to keep your skin healthy and soft, but why would you want to waste putting these creams on your legs. Your legs don’t get age lines or wrinkles, but the skin can get dry especially at the top in between your legs where your underwear elastic stretches. Your legs are covered in skin which is natural from nature so the best thing to smooth into your legs is a natural oil from nature. The most natural oil for skin care is coconut oil, and that includes your legs, because yes they are covered in skin, right ?

Shaved legs care from coconut oil

Many people nowadays shave their legs. If your legs are on display they must be smooth seems to be the fashion. Thesomeone shaving their legs with razor amount of shavers especially for legs is mind blowing, that is without mentioning creams, epilators, laser hair removal salons, it is quite an industry.

Whatever method of hair removal you use it is the after care that is of the utmost importance. Itchy legs can be embarrassing, especially when you are out and about, so it is important to put something on your legs after shaving them to protect the now exposed skin. Coconut oil is natural, full of vitamins and nutrients that not only protects the skin but also keeps it soft.

In many hot countries coconut oil is used all over the body to protect against sun damage to the skin. During the summer the legs are probably the last place people think to put sun cream so a routine of smoothing coconut oil all over your body in the morning before you go out during the hot season will help keep your skin protected.

Coconut oil for sore skin

Sore skin on your legs ? some of you may ask. Well speaking from experience, wearing tighter fitting jeans, especially with the seams in jeans can rub against your legs and make them sore. This can sometimes happen at the hip area or in between the legs. In the hot sweaty summer months this can become uncomfortable and ruin a great day out. Firstly wear jeans orwoman wearing a pair of tight fitting black leather trousers trousers that are not so tight, but if tight fitting trousers or jeans are a must. Then a daily routine of smoothing coconut oil all over your body including all areas of your legs to help the skin to stay lubricated while you are wearing them. It will help stop the skin from drying out which causes the soreness.

Some of you may get sore at the top of your legs because they rub together. This will cause the skin to dry out and become sore. This mostly happens in the hotter time of the year but in some cases it can be a regular all year round problem. Applying natural coconut oil at the top of your legs can help lubricate the skin and help to keep it soft so that any skin to skin rubbing will not cause too much soreness.

Health benefits of using coconut oil on your legs

My legs, like I guess many of you have taken the brunt of many an adventure. When younger or even now I get bumps, bruises or even cuts to my legs. Because they are nearest to the ground they are more likely to be knocked around.

Most people come through their adventurous childhood years with a couple of scars on their legs, me included. Scars are the bodies way of sealing up an opening in the skin where it has been cut open. It is a natural process that all bodies have in order to survive. To help the skin to repair and the scar to heal as strong and as invisible as possible coconut oil can be applied to firstly help keep out infection but also help the skin to heal quicker and stronger.

Coconut oil is just coconut oil

There are many creams, lotions and oils that you can buy to apply to the outside of your body, but how many of these would be just as good for you if you were to eat them. Coconut oil is the pure oil from the coconut, nothing added and nothing taken away. It is as safe to use on the outside of your body as it is to eat and feed the inside of your body.

Take care of your body “big engines” (legs), and they will take care of you. A daily routine using natural coconut oil coconuts with oil in bottles with rain in the backgroundsmoothed onto them should keep them looking and feeling healthy.sun breaking through the green trees and shining on the fresh as nature logoa woman in a dressing gown smoothing oil onto her legs

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