What’s best for tattoo after care

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Tattoos! You can either love them or hate them. You can proud of them or embarrassed by them. The first tattoos that have been discovered go back some 5000 years. Don’t worry this not going to be a history lesson.

Tattoos come in all shapes sizes and colours, the design ideas are endless. You can have a tattoo anywhere on your body, depending on how daring you are and of course how much pain you can take especially in more delicate areas…….OUCH!

Tattoo artists, as they are quite rightly called because it is an art form, firstly discuss what design you want and where you want it. I had a tattoo done many years ago, a tiger on my upper arm. The tattoo artist found a drawing of a tiger, edged it with a charcoal pencil made some improvements to it placed it on my arm to get the main lines of the design. The outline is done first then the colour is applied to give it some body. Before you ask, yes it does hurt because you have a needle puncturing your skin at a very fast rate injecting colour to make the tattoo.tattooed arm being wrapped in cling film

Once the tattoo is finished it is coated in a cooling gel and wrapped in cling film to protect it and your skin from infection. You will then get instruction on how to care for it over the coming days, weeks and months.

My tattoo healed well because I took the time to take care of it, so, What’s best for tattoo aftercare ?

Care for your tattoo naturally

Tattoos are created in your skin by using a machine a bit like a hand held sewing machine. Instead of sewing pieces of cloth together with cotton thread, the needle injects small droplets of colour into the dermis, which is the second layer of skin,arm being tattooed with electric needle about a millimeter deep. The tattoo remains more stable within this layer as it is covered by the upper layer of skin, and can last a lifetime maybe with a bit of fading if too much sun exposure.

Any break in the surface of the skin is classed as a wound and as such needs to be taken care of to avoid infection. The tattoo artist will apply a cooling gel and some cling film initially, but once you get home the care is then up to you.

As it is initially a wound your body will start to repair itself hence the warming up of that area. It is a natural process that all living things have when injury occurs.

As it is a natural process why not care for your tattoo naturally with natures natural oils to give your skin and the tattoo within the best chance to make a full a vibrant recovery. After all it is going to be with you a long time.

Tattoo aftercare with coconut oil

There are many oils and creams that are recommended for tattoo aftercare, but I prefer natural oils. They work in harmony with your skin rather than just covering it and numbing it to relieve pain.

Coconut oil helps reduce swelling, keeps the wound free from infection and helps new skin form with its many nutrients andcoconut oil dripping onto tattooed arm minerals, all natural of course. The quicker and more natural the healing process, the less chance of scarring and a better looking tattoo. Using coconut oil I had very little discomfort and it healed up within a few weeks and has been no problem since then. Twenty or so years later and people still think I had it done recently.

Most of the time it sits under my t-shirt sleeve at the top of my arm so it does not get too much sun, but I use coconut oil on my skin everyday so it gets the best care, like the rest of me.

Is coconut oil good for bruises

My tattoo is on my arm, and as an active person who is always building or fixing something I have had my fair share of cuts and bruises. Arms are very helpful to each and every one of us from lifting the furniture when we move house to hugging the children. They are also highly vulnerable because if something were to fall or we were to slip, our arms are the first thing we use to protect ourselves or others from getting hurt.

Cuts or gashes, providing they are not too big can be covered with a plaster to protect them while the body clots the opening to stop blood leakage and then forms a hard scab while the skin underneath repairs itself.arm showing yellowy purple bruise

Bruises don’t always come out immediately, but when they do the best way to reduce the appearance and help faster healing is to gently press out from the centre to allow the blood under the skin to gently be taken out naturally by the body. This may sound painful but apply some coconut oil to your fingers to help them glide across the skin as you apply pressure. The coconut oil also helps the lower layers of skin heal quicker reducing the risk of infection and any swelling that might occur.

Is coconut oil good for burns

Arms are in a vulnerable position as we use them for all sorts of activities from working to playing. If something splashes up at you the first line of protection are your arms. Just watch any you tube video where someone is splashed or something goes bang and the first thing people will do is put their arms across their face to protect themselves.

I know from personal experience how sore a burn on your arm can be. Hot oil from a chip pan, electrical burn while repairingtraeting a burn on arm with coconut oil on cotton swab a washing machine and hot water from a car radiator. Not all at the same time you understand but over many years in my younger life.

By applying natural coconut oil I kept out infections, which allowed the wounds to heal quickly reducing the chances of too much scarring. Any scars I got I have reduced over the years by applying coconut oil each time after I shower and before I go out in the sun.

Everyday care naturally with coconut oil

We all get cuts, bruises, burns, etc, sometime throughout our lives. It is part of the learning process, how to stay safe, how to stay alive. By keeping our bodies in as tip-top condition as possible we can take care of these injuries the natural way to encourage fast and safe healing. Coconut oil is not just good for keeping our skin healthy on the outside, but also on the inside because it is edible. One of the safest most durable of the natural oils. Take care of yourself every day with natural coconut oil.sun breaking through the green trees and shining on the fresh as nature logowoman sitting by water being splashed by pure coconut oil

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